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by pjetson
Tue May 17, 2011 11:46 am
Forum: VOIP
Topic: Problem with inbound calls
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Problem with inbound calls

I've recently (start of May 2011) set up a VOIP service on my ADSL2 account. I have a Draytek Vigor 120 modem/router, and a Linksys PAP2 ATA. I'm in the outer east of Melbourne, but my VOIP number is in Adelaide (I have family there). My problem is with inbound VOIP calls from both mobiles and landl...
by pjetson
Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:19 am
Forum: Anything else anyone wants to discuss
Topic: Change plans fee
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Change plans fee

In the latest newsletter, it says that there is a $40 fee to change plans without a new contract, or a $20 fee to change plans with a new 12 month contract. However, the web site says $0 to change plans with a new 12 month contract. Which is correct?

Thanks, Peter