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by VoIP Admin
Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:53 am
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Topic: Exetel Optus ADSL2+ with Phone - Only gives ADSL - G.DMT
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As discussed earlier, you are now on a ADSL2 profile and i can see the minor change in your sync rates.

Please let me know if you run in any problem in the next few days, otherwise the ADSL2 profile will be left on.
by VoIP Admin
Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:52 am
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Topic: Best Software For VoIP
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All freely available softphones only support G.711, softphones that have G.729 support are paid versions. If you are going to pay for a softphone with G.729 support i would suggest and ATA device as it is much better than sitting in front of the computer with your microphone and speakers :) That is ...