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Post by Bowersub » Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:33 pm

Both my and my father's email accounts are getting flooded with spam emails which are being identified by "SP Casino" and "Eurogaming Palace" which, looking at the recipients of the email, are attacking Exemail email addresses.

Can anything be done about this without resorting to being charged an extra $2 a month? In 5-6 years, I've never had spam email through my account, and this is a bit ridiculous. Clearly it's someone hitting Exemail accounts going from the recipients, so something can be done, surely?

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Post by Dazzled » Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:04 pm

The plain text headers of these messages will tell you who sent it to Exetel, in the "Received: from" header field(s). Your email address will show up in the Envelope-to field of the header.

The odds are that the sender is a zombie Windows computer from an unsuspecting householder. Spammers have to conceal their origin. Sometimes your email address was guessed - particularly if it is a name or a word from the dictionary. Spammers then send a message to every word! At other times some infected correspondent of yours has unwittingly supplied another controlled machine with a list of email addresses - if you and your father are both getting the same junk it could well be someone you both know who passed the addresses on, or even sent them.

Spammers aren't paying, so they don't care how many are sent. Even a low hit rate is worth it. If ISPs detect the spamming machine it may be cut off, but there are invariably others in the remote controlled group to take over.

Your only practical choices are to pay Exetel to catch this rubbish, or else to install a decent email client with a strong filtering system. Most have a learning capability, so that if you inform the filter that something received is actually spam, you won't see its like again.

The truly dangerous emails invariably use HTML (web browser) coding, to emulate something innocent. If you are concerned about phishing and other deception, change your email client to display Plain Text only. This removes the disguises.

PS Eurogaming Palace has a history, eg here is a page from a honeypot that collects this stuff.

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Post by CoreyPlover » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:53 pm

Bowersub wrote:Can anything be done about this without resorting to being charged an extra $2 a month?
In my opinion, the simplest way to combat spam is to use GMail. This has the added benefit of giving you an email address accessible from any location that is non-ISP specific and so can be maintained over a longer lifetime.

You can easily forward the exemail address to Gmail, and if you want you can even register the exemail address under your GMail account so that you can "send as" and "reply as" your exemail identity from within GMail.
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