Can't connect router to Internet

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Can't connect router to Internet

Post by AndyCake » Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:44 pm

I also posted this under router problems, but thought it might be better suited here as it may not be a router issue....

I'm setting up a new naked ADSL connection at my house. I'm using a Dynalink RTA1046VW router which I bought from my housemate, the router was previously used for exetel service at our previous house.

I connected all the cords up, ethernet cable etc, finally succeeded on getting to the router IP (after realising my old housemate had reset the admin passwords and that I had to push the reset button!), but it seems like the router will not connect to the internet.

I click on the "connect to internet" thing, wait the 30 secs but it just brings back up the same screen, never changes to "you are now connected" and or shows how long I've been connected. However, it does say at that screen " ADSL modem is ready to conenct to the internet." I have lights showing on DSL, WLAN and ethernet, but never a PPP lite on the router.

Could this be an issue with the password/user name? I actually tried a few combos, and never got an error message back on incorrect password. What user name should I use here ""phone" and password or just phone number and password for this internet connection?

An added complication: When this didn't work, I clicked on the "quick setup" option on the router homepage, went for the automatic scanning thingo, when that didn't work and just sat there for ages, unchecked automatic and did it manually, but when I went through that (admittedly slightly blindly), I didn't really change any settings other than what came up automatically. After this (not sure if I changed anything I should not have changed) I went from having my computer having no issues with the router to getting a red cross where I normally see 5 green bars showing signal strength and the message "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network".

Would LOVE some help to fix the above or some step by step instructions to reset and start all over. I am working with vista I think, so sometimes the instructions in the guides don't help. I can't find where to check all the LAN settings.

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Re: Can't connect router to Internet

Post by CoreyPlover » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:50 pm

RTA1025W instructions are at Hopefully the RTA1046VW is similar.

Some general points:
  • There was an outage yesterday evening (and again this afternoon) that resulted in the same symptoms you described happening for me on my RTA1025W, perhaps this was the source of your issue. It should be resolved by now, so perhaps try again.
  • Username is <phonenumber with area code>@s<tate> Even an incorrect password will enable the modem to connect; just that it would get a different IP address (a 10.x.x.x instead of a 220.233.x.x or a 58.96.x.x) and then any web browsing attempt is redirected to an "incorrect password" page
  • Regarding the signal strength -> red cross: does this mean you are connected via wireless? I would suggest that for initial configuration of the modem you connect via ethernet instead. The best process is to get internet going via a wired connection first, to ensure connectivity, and then get wireless going later.
  • Vista / XP / Linux...shouldn't matter. The configuration is done via the modem's web page interface, *inside the modem*

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