eXeSMS - Exporting Address Book As CSV

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eXeSMS - Exporting Address Book As CSV

Post by Thy_Zombie! » Wed May 06, 2009 7:57 pm

Hey All

When I export my address book with this nifty little app, the leading 0 (zero) is missing from all the mobile numbers from the Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File that is created. Sorta useless when you need to import this data back because mobile numbers without the leading zero are invalid/unrecognised upon sending.

Only workaround I found was to change the format of the CSV cell to Text (from General) and then modifying all the numbers to add the leading zero before I import.

Does anyone have a better suggestion for me? Is it possible to import the Address Book to CSV without losing the leading zero? Thanx in advance.

- TZ!

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