redirected domain and mail to exetel.

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redirected domain and mail to exetel.

Post by bobtoon » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:26 am

Hoping you can tell me what options I have.

I have a domain name that is directed from the company I bought it off to my exetel free webspace account.
I forward all my mail from my domain name to my exemail account.

This has worked well for a number of years without problems.

My disk space with my Domain supplier became full and stopped forwarding my email.
I went to the account and made some disk space. cpsrvd failure seemed to be the problem, so I have sent job tickets 3 times to try to get my domain to reset the cpsrvd. No response!
Today I tried phoning New Zealand where the Domain name was supplied from.
Phone not connected!

My domain address is still active and showing my website as normal.
But my emails are not being forwarded through to my exemail account.

The question is can I do anything about this without dealing with my domain supplier? (ie: move my domain to somewhere else?)
If they have gone out of business where does that leave me regarding the domain names listed with them that I forward to exetel? I know this is not an exetel issue, I've just run out of ideas on how to proceed. Any comments/help appreciated. You guys always have supplied me with a good service and it becomes more obviously important when I find a bad service I'm getting from someone else.


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