Disconnected ADSL2+/Phone service

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Disconnected ADSL2+/Phone service

Post by irelephant1 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:43 pm

Hey guys,

This query is regarding ticket #8847349

Essentially we're unable to make a phone call out/in to our exetel phone service and cannot connect/sync to our ADSL2+ service.

The troubleshooting we've tried:
- We tried to disconnecting all devices from all telephone/Ethernet sockets in our apartment except for the telephone.
- When trying to call out we here a busy signal.
- When we try to call in to our Exetel phone number we get a message that States "Optus advises that the number you have dialled has been disconnected O4kbm29"
- When we connect our modem (Netcom DG2200) and check the router status it states "disconnected" and there is no sync speeds listed.
- Checked all sockets for gunk/corrosion they look fine.
- All bills are paid and up to date.
Exetel has done checks 'on the line' and have said there is no issue there and has advised we can send a technician out but it will cost $220 if the issue is proven not to be an issue on their side (Which is fine).

I should add we initially had some problems getting our service provisioned as our service was provisioned to the wrong address but was resolved... and was working perfectly for 9 days straight.

This doesn't sound like an issue with any of my equipment and I'm unsure on what the best method to proceed would be. Any suggestions or advise (Especially regarding the optus message: O4kbm29 which turns up nothing on google) would be very helpful. We've agreed to the technician to attending but as I'm a distance education Uni student who has just started back this is really going to affect my study as it will take 8-10 business days before anyone can tend to the issue. Is there any way to expedite my issue?

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope to hear back soon. Have a nice weekend :)


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Re: Disconnected ADSL2+/Phone service

Post by saadbafik » Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:07 pm


Kindly note that our wholesale supplier estimates the reported service issue will be investigated on or before 11/03/2015 close of business. However we will continuously attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Saad Bafik

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