DNS Record Edits-MS Exchange Online

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DNS Record Edits-MS Exchange Online

Postby BTG on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:53 pm

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We are an IT outfit & use & recommend Exetel Hosting – Because it is robust & good value.
A common requirement is to Migrate Email Hosting to Microsoft Office 365 EXCHANGE Online
So we login to MyExetel & navigate to the DNS Resource Records which contain NS, MX & A records respectively for DNS, Email & WWW hosting with Exetel. We are to leave the NS & A records to retain existing DNS & WWW hosting.
We need to :--
Delete the existing MX records pointing to the Exetel Mail Servers
Add MX, CNAME, TXT & SVR resource records required for Office 365 for our Domain
But we are unable to add any DNS records to our Exetel hosted DNS server. Instead, using Win7Pro & IE11, we experience badly rendered web pages & a series of unrelated errors without being able to add any records.
Questions: [1] Are we able to edit these records or is this only done by Exetel hosting staff ?
[2] Is it only possible or advisable to Upload a complete Zone File rather than editing records 1x1 ?
[3] Why is this not documented, we can, we can’t, FAQs, technical advisories, knowledge base, wiki ?
[4] We need to perform this at close of business Friday to allow DNS propagation well before open of business on the following Monday.
We are accustomed to researching & solving issues after hours but this requires self-help resources & functional admin tools.
I have submitted our exact DNS resource record requirement to hosting@exetel.com.au 11:55am this Sat morning, still no reply, called TS to escalate. So, ANY ASSISTANCE, DOCO or ADVICE APPRECIATED …
Cheers, Doug
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Re: DNS Record Edits-MS Exchange Online

Postby HimaJ on Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:03 pm

Exetel is currently looking into this. You will receive a response shortly.
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Re: DNS Record Edits-MS Exchange Online

Postby BTG on Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:11 pm

Well, well, IE11 compatibility issue. Slept on last night's nightmare as posted. Firefox browser behaved perfectly today. Big acknowledgement to the FireFox developers. All records added per Office 365 requirement & entries verified. Suggest Copy-Paste for accuracy plus @ host name is accepted. Yet to test MX email functionality on the Exetel Hosted DNS for Exchange Online. Hope this post assists other admins using IE11. One could expect Exetel to conformance test against IE11 or add a note in FAQs. Cheers, Doug.
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