Still being billed by Telstra

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Re: Still being billed by Telstra

Post by samarium » Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:21 am

For your telstra amusement:

I had 2 testra accounts, one with for a ;andline, and one for a telecard.

The telecard account was in credit $1.63. I asked them to transfer the telecard and the credit to the landline account.

They didn't transfer the credit, just the telecard billing.

So now I have an account that has nothing but a credit balance on it.
I used to get monthy invoices saying I didn't need to pay.
I think I now get 3 monthly invoices saying I don't need to pay.

I couldn't be bothered going 20 rounds with telstra to try again to get the $1.63 credit transferred.
I find it much more amusing that they they are continuing to waste money sending me invoices,
rather than doing what I originally asked them to do.

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