Shaping badly implemented

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Re: Shaping badly implemented

Post by CoreyPlover » Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:01 am

Yeah, an internally, quota managed WRT54 would seem a good technical solution for you (though there is always the non-technical, but highly effective alternative of unplugging the modem for 12 hours per day...)

I can also understand your frustration at some of the wording remnants regarding shaping options. There are a few threads devoted to them and they persist because of the history behind shaping (originally, it acted on the 54GB peak offerings and was unlimited shaping, then it was 2GB only of shaping due to abuse by customers, then the quotas went to 60GB for some users but other grandfathered plans remained on 54GB...)

And the wording *did* used to be "you can change as many times as you like up to when you exceed quota" but this also got changed very quickly around the same time as the above changes. So the shaping experience was tweaked quite strongly in the first few month of being offered. This was all out of necessity and due to abuse and complexity.

The reason for the non-shaping of cached (i.e. internal Exetel) traffic is due to infrastructure and network topology. Exetel have many POPs in different states and to shape all traffic, including internally generated data would require multiple shaping devices. It is a idiosyncrasy of the shaping system unfortunately.

And I suspect the reason for the non-intuitive double price penalty is a carry-over from when Exetel tried to penalise the shaping abusers. The $6/GB also acted to make users rethink their shaping needs, because if you ever exceed the free, shaped 2GB buffer it would suggest that you should never have selecting shaping in the first place. Again, it is an unfortunate by-product of the historical changes that the shaping system went through.

Anyway, many of these concerns are academic because I recently saw a post that said that new plans won't offer shaping. You might want to investigate the new NF plans because they only charge $1.50/GB excess, flat rate. This greatly simplifies the whole billing / shaping landscape because at such a low excess usage cost there really is no need for any shaping options.

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Re: Shaping badly implemented

Post by mobochobo » Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:22 pm

Yeah I think I can understand some of the history behind why things are they way they are now but for a new user it is very confusing. I guess you've tried different things and because you weren't able to get a satisfactory system going you're now moving away from it entirely and not offering shaping but I think it can easily be fixed.

1) Firstly, get rid of the wording that I highlighted in earlier email. It's very confusing and doesn't apply any more. Not sure why you stopped allowing people to change mid-month. If a new beta comes out that I'm particularly interested in I might decide to go crazy in this month. Having to wait a month to turn off shaping is annoying. I can't see why it would make any difference to exetel unless it's a technical reason of some sort.

2) Why not keep the shaping for the rest of the month? I don't actually care about the free shaping. I don't mind being charged for it. But if I've gone over my quota I just want to slow things down. This would simplify your billing too as the shaping is independant of it. It's just a server side throttle for people who aren't technical enough or just can't be stuffed to implement a local quota management system. If it's not too hard you could even switch it on and off whenever you like during the month.

3) if you insist on having the free quota and reverting back the speed then why not just bill them as normal. Ie. if you got a quota of 8gb and you do 11gb you get the normal charge of 3x$3/gb. If you do under 10gb then it's free.

Anyway I'm not sure how technically feasable the above are (well except for the wording bit that should just be a html page update, unless you got a lot of beaurocracy to deal with) but for now I'll just avoid the whole shaping thing.

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Re: Shaping badly implemented

Post by rahul » Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:13 am

I don't have time to read the fine details
So what do you look at when you sign a contract?

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Re: Shaping badly implemented

Post by BCTech » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:34 pm

My shaping never worked as intended the month I tried to implement it. I had a leecher staying with me who blew through my 2Gb of shaping in an afternoon when I went out (not sure how this is possible @ 64k - wouldn't it take over 30 hours?) and my internet was blocked. I couldn't access the blocked page, my modem literally would not allow any traffic through. After asking someone in support if he could unblock it as I had some banking to do, he said he could, but it would be at full speed. I eventually just set the QOS on my router to limit the speed down. Looks like I don't even have a shaping option now. I don't have leechers staying with me now so it's not a concern, but I thought I'd share my experience.

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Re: Shaping badly implemented

Post by mobochobo » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:35 pm

just saw this post now so it's a bit late but for the information of anyone else searching this up later

1) The speed limiting is only for 2gb then it reverts to full speed
2) The speed limiting will not be applied if you are downloading something already in the exetel cache

Combine these together and yup you effectively are not shaped and to add insult to injury you're now billed at twice the rate. Stay away from the shaping :D

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