Out of Contract Billing

Note: For official invoice and billing responses use billing@exetel.com.au
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Out of Contract Billing

Post by chindson » Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:49 am

My "new contract" end date is 1/3/11 and I am on the TE-2E plan (tesltra ADSL2+) for $78 per month. Does this plan go up $10 per month in March as per the January email because I am out of contract? Just looking to know so I can make a decision on changing to TCV20-Region-200 before end of month.



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Re: Out of Contract Billing

Post by CoreyPlover » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:04 am

You'll need to email billing@exetel.com.au.

As the end date is right on 1 March, you might get the $10 rise in March, or it might be that the contract is still in force at the start of the month and out of force one day later, in which case, you'd not get the $10 rise until April. But you should email billing@exetel.com.au to confirm; though you should note that you've probably left it too late, because billing will likely not respond to you in time for you to effect a plan change before 1 March. You can try ringing Exetel instead, or you can just make a decision yourself now
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