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Name Change on PowerTel plan

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:40 am
by thecraw

I am assisting my mother in law to change the name on their account due to my Father in Law passing away.

The email she received from Exetel has a statement on it in relation to the fact that they are on a Powertel plan , it says...

Now for Exetel ADSL2 (via Powertel) - If the phone line is being disconnected, or already has been disconnected, this action by your telecommunications provider terminates the ADSL2 service. If this termination has taken place within your ADSL2 contracted period, an early cancellation fee is applicable.

Nothing has changed with their phone line. I am assuming that due to the fact they have not changed anything with their phone line there is no termination fees.

Bottom line is she just wants to put the plan in her name and has provided the death certificate as requested. She also realises that to change the name will incur a $25 fee................

Just confused about the statement about line termination and possible fees...assuming this is a 'just in case' it happens statement, but it does seem a little random and nothing to do with changing the name on the account due to my father in law passing away....unless I am missing something. Last thing she wants is a termination fee at the moment....

Is there any risk in her getting an early termination fee because she is changing the account name ?

Re: Name Change on PowerTel plan

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:12 am
by LarryK

This is best answered by billing staff, due to the passing of the DSL subscriber, please reply e-mail to any questions you have.

Generally though, if the PSTN provider (say it's Telstra Retail for example) disconnects the line, then reconnects it - in order to change the name on file on their records, then the DSL service will terminate (as DSL is entirely dependant on the PSTN not being changed/disconnected). You are best to inform Telstra Retail at the time of changing name on file for PSTN, to ensure that they also ensure the DSL service is restored as well (Telstra Retail can not refuse to do that, if you raise it with them, the Telstra Wholesale operations manual (for DSL) says a Retail PSTN provider (in this example, Telstra Retail)) can and should place a request to re-instate any DSL service, in these situations.

Re: Name Change on PowerTel plan

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:55 am
by thecraw
Thanks Larry. My understanding is the name is already changed on their Telstra account. I will confirm, but if it is has already been changed then I will assume no impact.