Billing changes In July 2014

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Re: Billing changes In July 2014

Post by Thushari » Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:15 pm

jonesyGT wrote:Hi,

I've sent an email to billing re this, however, when I look back over my payment history I have never paid anything like my July invoice. Its double what I have normally paid in the last 3 plus years.

I have voip & have never gone over in usage. I understand how prorata is supposed to work but my June payed, July paid twice & August paid. I understand the reasoning for changeover of billing period but this seems to have made me pay for services that I haven't used.
I have separately sent you an email to your nominated email address explaining charges. I believe you are referring to the graph which shows charges on a monthly basis or the invoices in the member's facility. Even-though the invoice has been generated on 14th July, you have only been debited on the due date which is 01/08/2014 as usual. It just that you have received your invoice around 10days ahead we debit your account.

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