Billing cycle thread (Yay?)

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Billing cycle thread (Yay?)

Post by Franpa » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:31 pm

I thought Exetel had made a change years ago that 'caused everyone's billing cycle to start and end at the start and end of each month, instead of when they signed up/changed plan, however looking at my invoices this didn't seem to be the case... am I simply remembering how it worked, incorrectly?

Now that I've recently changed plans I've been charged for both partial usage under the new plan (period of time after the plan change went in to effect but before the new billing cycle begun) as well as for the entire next month. The new billing cycle seems to be the start/end of each month, is that how it will operate now?

Edit: I believe this has been satisfactorily sorted/explained via Private Message.
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