New Customer Mobile Broadband Billing Issue

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New Customer Mobile Broadband Billing Issue

Post by elphabarain » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:48 am

I am getting no reply from the billing emails I have sent so I’m posting here hoping someone will explain this to me and sort it out. If not, then I’ll take my business elsewhere before even using your service.

I'm a new customer and I am confused by what I have been billed. My customer number is 264040.

I ordered the EXEGO10 Mobile Broadband service on 08/07/14 and was charged the $20 SIM activation fee upon ordering - Invoice# E0053298759.

I activated the service on 19/07/14 and it was pro-rata'd for the month of July for $14.67. My understanding was $14.67 was the amount to be then taken by direct debit from my account for the month of July.

Then I would be debited on 01/08/14 for $34.99 for August (1st -31st) and so on, continuing on the 1st of every month. According to your website and the Critical Information Summary billing is monthly on the 1st of the month.

Yet, the Invoice in My Account is for $49.66 (Invoice# E53387571). This is for the pro-rata amount of $14.67 plus the August charge of $34.99, which isn't due until the 1st. This rejected from my account as I was led to believe I'd only be charged $14.67 for July as I explained above.

When I questioned this I was advised the following:

"If you activate your service after the 14th of the month, you will be charged pro rata monthly rental for the activated month together with full monthly rental for the following month on the activated date.”

I have responded by email and nobody has replied so my account is now blocked.

NOWHERE does it say on your website, or in the Critical Information Summary that when you first sign up you are being charged the current month plus one month in advance. If you can show me where it does, please do.

It clearly states you pay a once off $20 activation fee and the monthly plan of $34.99 OR a pro-rata amount thereof.

Taken from your website:
When starting a new mobile service, or when you bring your existing mobile number from another carrier, your service will be charged on a monthly billing cycle.

What this means to you is that for the first month, the plan charges and included value allocation/s will be charged/applied as a pro rata amount of the full month.

So when you receive the first bill for the month, your usage and monthly access fees will be calculated and charged based on the number of days remaining in the current bill cycle, and any included values & allocations will be calculated pro rata against the full monthly allowance.

After the first bill, your monthly bill and included value allowance/s will be applied in full as per the critical information summary associated with your plan.

Taken from the Critical Information Summary:
The first month and final month are billed pro-rata for the invoice period. For example, if your service is activated halfway through the month, you will only be charged for the half the month with half the allotted allowance.

I signed up mid-month under the distinct impression from information I've copied above it would only be the $20 +$14.67 pro rata fee for the remainder of the July month (in advance). Then regular billing commences from the next cycle being $34.99 due for direct debit on 1st August.

I have paid the $20 SIM activation fee and the $14.67 IS AVAILABLE for debit immediately. I will not have the August payment available until the day (according to all your information I have quoted) it is due - 1st August.

If this is incorrect, then your sign-up charges are misleading and wrong and you need to clearly update your website and CIS to reflect this. At no stage of sign up or activation was I informed I'd be charged more than the initial start-up month.

Can someone please advise if you will take the payment of $14.67 and reactivate my account? Or should I cancel and sign up with someone else?

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Re: New Customer Mobile Broadband Billing Issue

Post by Thushari » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:46 pm

elphabarain wrote:I am getting no reply from the billing emails I have sent so I’m posting here hoping someone will explain this to me and sort it out. If not, then I’ll take my business elsewhere before even using your service.
I have replied to your inquiry with reference 8144232. Should you have further queries, please reply to the same.

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