Exetel Optus ADSL2+ with Phone - Only gives ADSL - G.DMT

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Should Exetel allow us to re-open "resolved" help desk tickets when they are in fact not resolved?

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Exetel Optus ADSL2+ with Phone - Only gives ADSL - G.DMT

Post by bigbenhur » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:56 am

I have signed up for the ADSL2+ service with Exetel using Optus and including phone line rental ($60 per month).

When I connect the Line Mode of my Dynalink RTA1025W ADSL2+ Modem Router says G.DMT. I know this is an ADSL 1 standard (from Wiki) and that it has a maximum downstream rate of 8 mbps - which is what I get. My upload speed is 384kbps. ADSL2+ offers dowload rates of over 20 mbps - dropping down depending on distance etc. I have the ADSL2+ line mode option enabled on the modem. When I turn off G.DMT leaving ADSL2+ enabled the modem does not connect/sync and stays in a handshaking state.

Is there anyone else out there signed up for ADSL2+ from Exetel who can only connect at ADSL 1 G.DMT Line Mode? Please narrate your experience if you are also in this siutuation.

I've reported this issue to Exetel via Helpdesk and they usually fail to read or understand the problem and give me a pro-forma response like: do an isolation test and speed test etc. The most recent response told me that "Sir, we have checked our Radius servers and can see you are connecting successfully." Duh! I am connecting successfully - just don't have ADSL2+. This is frustrating the crap out of me. What is it with these people who are given jobs in technical support but fail to read the described issue fully and provide a response that addresses the actual problem.

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Post by karLos » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:26 am

yes, instructions sent to me told me to use g.dmt - and trying to use other options in my modem configuration had poor results (from memory one connected at a much lower speed, and none of the others worked at all).

my connections are slightly better than yours though it seems. i average about 8300/800 - most of the time, and just leave my modem on all the time to stop too much variation in connection speed.

i don't necessarily see it as a problem, as it is still faster than 8mb adsl1 (and quite a good upstream connection at 800) - and considering the price is comparable, and i get a good value optus phone line thrown in as a sweetener, i'm not complaining.

i put the lower line speed down to line length. i'm approaching 2km (maybe 1.8 or 1.9km from my exchange) in newtown, however i have no real way of knowing how long the line is, or any other problems. i'm also not willing to have mega headaches and dropouts by pushing my luck on line speed which has been absolutely rock solid since i churned to exetel.

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Re: Exetel Optus ADSL2+ with Phone - Only gives ADSL - G.DMT

Post by NetworkAdmin » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:24 pm

bigbenhur wrote:I've reported this issue to Exetel via Helpdesk and they usually fail to read or understand the problem and give me a pro-forma response like: do an isolation test and speed test etc.
The automatic response is sent back to you automatically. It is done that way because you would be surprised at the number of people with quite simple problems that they could easily fix themselves (in many cases only fix them selves), but haven't bothered to read any instructions or other advice given. That covers about 80% of all faults logged in fact.

Any ticket set to resolved is re-opened as soon as an email is sent or a reply made.

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Post by zforum69 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:32 pm

The fact that you only get 384kbps upload speed indicates to me that you may have been set to to 8mbps profile, rather than the full adsl2+ 24Mbps profile. They may have done this if you reported a problem, but decided to leave it there due to instability or just plain forgot to retry the 24Mbps profile.

I am one of those users who constantly get stability issues. I have left it on the 24Mbps profile and set my modem to G.DMT. I always get 800kbps upload. If I set the modem to ADSL2 or ADSL2+ I can get maybe another 1Mbps download and upload goes to 816kbps, but the instability is unacceptable especially when playing online games.

If it wasn't for the significant reduction in upload speed I would have left it at the 8Mbps profile. I'm waiting on a new firmware release for my netcomm modem in the hope that it might help fix things. I'm even prepared to buy a third modem if it will make things better. Perhaps a modem where you can tweak a few settings to try to get a better compromise between speed and stability but I know of no such modem. Its a shame that the Optus DSLAMs can't let the user tweak their own port settings like the Agile DLSAMs that Internode uses, because that would have been worth trying out.


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Post by VoIP Admin » Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:53 am

As discussed earlier, you are now on a ADSL2 profile and i can see the minor change in your sync rates.

Please let me know if you run in any problem in the next few days, otherwise the ADSL2 profile will be left on.

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Back on ADSL2+ Line Mode :-)

Post by bigbenhur » Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:04 pm

To close this off. Exetel have now fixed the problem.

John from Exetel phoned me and confirmed that I was on a G.DMT (ADSL1) profile. He said he would contact Optus and request my ADSL profile be put back to ADSL2+. A few minutes later he called me back and said that Optus had changed my profile. I checked my modem router and sure enough I am now getting Line Mode: ADSL2+ (previously G.DMT).

My Upstream speed has gone from 384kbps to 797kbps.
Downstream speed has gone from about 8mbps to 8.9mbps.

I am very happy this has been fixed. As I host some websites the upstream speed is important to me. Thanks Exetel (and Optus). It is always a good feeling when a problem like this is resolved and the hardest part was just getting to the right person - the one who was able to properly resolve the issue. :D

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Post by CLoSeR » Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:14 pm

Thanks for your summary.

I will now close this thread.

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