Lost connectivity Friday night (27/7/07) atm diag checks out

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Should Exetel allow adsl users to use dial up modems to access their account during outages?

Hell Yes!
No way man! We don't need no stinkin modem racks!
Whats a dial up modem?
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Lost connectivity Friday night (27/7/07) atm diag checks out

Post by phoenixx » Mon Jul 30, 2007 7:43 pm

Some time Friday (27/7/2007) night or early saturday morning my account dropped out.
(refer fault id #AF009771) initially it appeared to be an ATM issue, but the internal diagnostics seem to be able to sucessfully complete an ATM loop back test from mid saturday morning. It appears i am connected to the exchange but the modem just cant seem to log into exetel. My status on the modem says "UP" (the LLC is up, but the uptime seems to be floating about the 40 second mark, before going back to zero) but I get 0/0/0/0 on all the gateway ips etc.

It was still down by Sunday, so i logged a fault as my sync light is flashing as per the phone message.

It is behaving similarly to when I had a failed payment status a few months back, however there doesn't appear to be any payment problems i can see.

Any ideas? Nothing in the ADSL config has changed. I am set to PPPoA for the lower latency, and that has been fine for a few years now.

I am going to try a few things on a long shot based on other posts -
My static ip has been told to my modem, it shouldn't change so apparently i can safely set it to "auto" anyway.
Apparently the dslam needs 15 mins to get its crap together after an outtage, so i should turn off or disconnect my modem for 15 mins.
** Be nice if i can use an exetel dial up account and use my routers auto gateway fallback function to a server with dial on demand.. but thats another topic..

(Although I am thinking of switching it down to PPPoE mode simply for the improved fault tracking and passthourgh mode to login direct from a workstation or router which would give me login error codes if applicable and more control over NAT mapping. :) but i dont have the pppoe service ID handy so ive held off for now - but that is a seperate issue!)

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ARGHH!!! its back up but my "Static" ip isnt same

Post by phoenixx » Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:34 am

Ok, after messing with my router for a while-
i changed it to vege mode(attempt to auto detect all settings except login), and set it to auto IP. Rebooted the unit and sacrificed a few virgins.. (well not really, i did mutter under my breath a few times tho).

Now the router has decided to connect using pppoe, i guess PPPoA doesn't work anymore.. ok well +50 to my ping then, but now i can use passthrough login mode from one of my routers if i need to *shrug*/*yay*

BUT my STATIC ip has changed from 220.233.101.*** to 58.96.65.***
Which means all my servers will be kind of useless as the link back to my domains will now all be wrong :o(

I thought static IP's are not meant to change?

I am going to key my old IP back in and reboot the router and see if it gets in under PPPoE with the old IP.. but i suspect it wont. I'll let you know.

Why would the IP change?

*** update ***
No it only works with the new IP address.. WHY DID IT CHANGE?
Its been fine for over 2 years up to now!

*** another update ***
It changed because all VIC users in my area had their POPs changed to Telstra, and the previous IP is not routable from there :o(
Oh well !

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