Optus ADSL2+ Exchange Upgrades.

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James D

Optus ADSL2+ Exchange Upgrades.

Post by James D » Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:01 pm


Between the 1st of September and the end of November Optus will be undertaking a major software upgrade of their DSLAMS.

This Upgrade is expected to correct the Broadcom chipset issue and some other smaller changes to help with the stability of the services.

Customers during this outage window may see no Sync and no Auth on their services.
Outage Window -

As every exchange is upgraded there will be a 10 - 20 minute outage expected for all customers.
If your service is not workable after 30 minutes please powercycle your modem for 15 minutes and if the service is not available you are able to log a fault by calling 02 9927 1000 and selecting option 1 24 hours a day.

Once the new list of exchanges is published next week we will create a new post on this thread with the expected dates for the exchanges.

Please leave this thread for the listings and updates only.

James D

Post by James D » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:12 pm

Please find below a more up to date list. :)

32LK HUAB 01 Miller 29th August
32LK HUAB 02 Miller 29th August
51TP HUAB 01 Shalvey 29th August
51UG HUAB 00 Erskine Park 29th August
51UG HUAB 01 Erskine Park 29th August
51UV HUAB 00 Quakers Hill 26th August
51UV HUAB 01 Quakers Hill 29th August
O2DU HUAB 00 Dubbo 29th August
O2HW HUAB 01 North Parramatta 29th August
O2HW HUAB 02 North Parramatta 29th August
O2PM HUAB 00 Parramatta 26th August
O2PM HUAB 01 Parramatta 29th August
O2PM HUAB 02 Parramatta 29th August
OT2S HUAB 01 Seven Hills 29th August

51YJ HUAB 00 Minto 10th September
51YJ HUAB 01 Minto 10th September
62TE HUAB 00 Pendle Hill 10th September
62TE HUAB 01 Pendle Hill 10th September
91JD HUAB 00 Edensor Park 10th September
91JD HUAB 01 Edensor Park 10th September
91JD HUAB 02 Edensor Park 10th September
O2HV HUAB 00 Eastwood 10th September
OT2E HUAB 00 St Marys 10th September
OT2H HUAB 00 Holsworthy 10th September
53DX HUAB 00 Dandenong 10th September
O3AC HUAB 00 Ringwood 10th September
O3AN HUAB 00 Heidelberg 10th September
O3BI HUAB 00 Bairnsdale 10th September
O3SA HUAB 00 Sale 10th September
O3TR HUAB 00 Taralgon 10th September
O3WR HUAB 00 Warragul 10th September
O3YA HUAB 00 South Yarra 10th September

O3ZC HUAB 00 Camberwell 10th September
O3ZS HUAB 00 St Kilda 10th September
O3ZT HUAB 00 Toorak 10th September
OT3A HUAB 00 Frankston 10th September
OT3Q HUAB 00 Morwell 10th September
OVKL HUAB 00 Oakleigh 10th September
32LK HUAB 00 Miller 11th September
41QM HUAB 01 Liverpool 11th September
41QM HUAB 02 Liverpool 11th September
51TJ HUAB 00 Castle Hill 11th September
51TJ HUAB 01 Castle Hill 11th September
51TJ HUAB 02 Castle Hill 11th September
O2CA HUAB 00 Campbelltown 11th September
O2CA HUAB 01 Campberlltown 11th September
O2OR HUAB 00 Orange 11th September
O2PE HUAB 00 Penrith 11th September
O2WL HUAB 00 Wetherill Park 11th September
O2WL HUAB 01 Wetherill Park 11th September
O2YQ HUAB 00 Granville 11th September
O2YQ HUAB 01 Granville 11th September

12RH HUAB 01 Rockdale 12th September
12RH HUAB 02 Rockdale 12th September
O2HX HUAB 00 Campsie 12th September
O2IV HUAB 00 Hurstville 12th September
O2IV HUAB 01 Hurstville 12th September
O2IV HUAB 02 Hurstville 12th September
O2NX HUAB 00 Menai 12th September
O2NX HUAB 01 Menai 12th September
O2VE HUAB 00 Revesby 12th September
O2VE HUAB 01 Revesby 12th September
51TZ HUAB 01 Epping 13th September
51UX HUAB 00 Kellyville 13th September

51XX HUAB 00 Corrimal 13th September
51XX HUAB 01 Corrimal 13th September
O2AL HUAB 00 Albury 13th September
O2DJ HUAB 01 Dalley St 13th September
O2DM HUAB 01 Haymarket 13th September
O2TZ HUAB 01 City South 13th September
O2ZA HUAB 01 Ashfield 13th September
O2ZD HUAB 00 Balmain 13th September
O2ZD HUAB 01 Balmain 13th September
O2ZK HUAB 01 Kensington 13th September
O2ZK HUAB 02 Kensington 13th September
41QM HUAB 00 Liverpool 17th September
51TK HUAB 00 Rooty Hill 17th September
51TK HUAB 01 Rooty Hill 17th September
51TK HUAB 02 Rooty Hill 17th September
51TP HUAB 00 Shelvey 17th September
51TV HUAB 00 Carlingford 17th September
51YA HUAB 00 Unanderra 17th September
O2FJ HUAB 00 Blacktown 17th September
O2FJ HUAB 01 Blacktown 17th September
O2FJ HUAB 02 Blacktown 17th September
O2HW HUAB 00 North Parramatta 17th September

O2TV HUAB 00 Carramar 17th September
O2TV HUAB 01 Carramar 17th September
OT2S HUAB 00 Seven Hills 17th September
13JW_HUAB_00 Karigal 17th September
23UM_HUAB_00 Highett 17th September
83UE_HUAB_00 Wheelers Hill 17th September
93GQ_HUAB_00 Belgrave 17th September
O3AN_HUAB_01 Heidelberg 17th September
O3CN_HUAB_00 Endeavour Hills 17th September
O3PM_HUAB_00 Port Melbourne 17th September
O3ZU_HUAB_01 South Melbourne 17th September
O3ZU_HUAB_02 South Melbourne 17th September
OT3C_HUAB_01 Greensborough 17th September
OT3C_HUAB_02 Greensborough 17th September
OT3E_HUAB_00 Hastings 17th September
OTVC_HUAB_00 Doncaster 17th September

23VK HUAB 01 Northcote 18th September
23VK HUAB 02 Northcote 18th September
23VO HUAB 01 Moreland 18th September
83UD HUAB 00 Tullamarine 18th September
83WI HUAB 00 Bendigo 18th September
O3ZB HUAB 01 Brunswick 18th September
O3ZB HUAB 02 Brunswick 18th September
OT3L HUAB 00 Epping 18th September
42SG HUAB 03 Glebe 19th September
51TZ HUAB 00 Epping 19th September
O2DJ HUAB 00 Dalley 19th September
O2DM HUAB 00 Haymarket 19th September
O2DY HUAB 02 Redfern 19th September
O2FK HUAB 00 Randwick 19th September
O2FK HUAB 01 Randwick 19th September
O2FK HUAB 02 Randwick 19th September
O2TI HUAB 00 PittSt 19th September
O2TZ HUAB 00 City South 19th September
O2YU HUAB 00 Botany 19th September
O2ZJ HUAB 00 Waverley 19th September
O2ZV HUAB 02 East Sydney 19th September
O2ZV HUAB 03 East Sydney 19th September

13BA HUAB 00 Bayswater 19th September
13JW HUAB 01 Karingal 19th September
23UP HUAB 00 Elsternwick 19th September
33R9 HUAB 00 Scoresby 19th September
53DX HUAB 01 Dandenong 19th September
83UE HUAB 01 Wheelers Hill 19th September
93FF HUAB 00 Narre Warren 19th September
93FF HUAB 01 Narre Warren 19th September
93FF HUAB 02 Narre Warren 19th September
O3BO HUAB 01 Box Hill 19th September
O3BO HUAB 02 Box Hill 19th September
OT34 HUAB 00 Dandenong North 19th September
OT3J HUAB 01 Chelsea 19th September

51UH HUAB 00 Ingleburn 20th September
51UH HUAB 01 Ingleburn 20th September
51YB HUAB 00 Warilla 20th September
51YB HUAB 01 Warilla 20th September
O2EY HUAB 00 Mascot 20th September
O2KE HUAB 00 Kent St 20th September
O2NE HUAB 01 Newtown 20th September
O2NE HUAB 02 Newtown 20th September
O2WO HUAB 03 Woollongong 20th September
O2ZJ HUAB 01 Waverley 20th September
O2ZJ HUAB 02 Waverley 20th September
O2ZZ HUAB 01 Coogee 20th September

12PT HUAB 01 Peterhsam 24th September
12PT HUAB 02 Petersham 24th September
41QP HUAB 01 Sutherland 24th September
41YL HUAB 01 Miranda 24th September
42FX HUAB 00 Lakemba 24th September
42FX HUAB 01 Lakemba 24th September
51TL HUAB 00 Cronulla 24th September
O2DZ HUAB 01 Burwood 24th September
O2EK HUAB 01 Edgecliff 24th September
O2EK HUAB 02 Edgecliff 24th September
O2YJ HUAB 01 Kogarah 24th September
O2YJ HUAB 02 Kogarah 24th September
O2ZF HUAB 01 Bondi 24th September
O2ZF HUAB 02 Bondi 24th September
23UO HUAB 00 Clayton 24th September
23VV HUAB 00 Canterbury 24th September
23VZ HUAB 00 Cheltenham 24th September
23WZ HUAB 00 Blackburn 24th September
O3BO HUAB 00 Box Hill 24th September
O3DY HUAB 00 Tally House 24th September
O3ZK HUAB 00 Kooyong 24th September
O3ZM HUAB 00 Malvern 24th September
O3ZU HUAB 00 South Melbourne 24th September
OT33 HUAB 00 Croydon 24th September
OT38 HUAB 00 Mitcham 24th September
OT39 HUAB 00 Oakleigh South 24th September

OT3C HUAB 00 Greensborough 24th September
OT3J HUAB 00 Chelsea 24th September
32SQ HUAB 00 North Ryde 25th September
51TQ HUAB 00 Pennant Hills 25th September
51TQ HUAB 01 Pennant Hills 25th September
51TY HUAB 00 Balgowlah 25th September
51TY HUAB 01 Balgowlah 25th September
51UA HUAB 00 Mona 25th September
O2DV HUAB 01 St Leonards 25th September
O2FW HUAB 00 LaneCove 25th September
O2FY HUAB 00 Mosman 25th September
O2FY HUAB 01 Mosman 25th September
O2GO HUAB 00 Gosford 25th September
O2GQ HUAB 00 Harbord 25h September
OT2A HUAB 00 Dee Why 25th September
OT2A HUAB 01 Dee Why 25th September

51TR HUAB 01 Hornsby 26th September
51TR HUAB 02 Hornsby 26th September
51UY HUAB 01 Avalon 26th September
51XV HUAB 00 Cardiff 26th September
51YG HUAB 00 Woy Woy 26th September
O2FO HUAB 01 Frenchs Forest 26th September
O2FZ HUAB 01 Manly 26th September
O2NW HUAB 00 New Lambton 26th September
O2NW HUAB 01 New Lambton 26th September
O2NW HUAB 02 New Lambton 26th September
O2ZT HUAB 01 Chatswood 26th September
O2ZT HUAB 02 Chatswood 26th September
23UU HUAB 00 Ascot 26th September
23UX HUAB 00 Preston 26th September
23VO HUAB 00 Moreland 26th September
33S2 HUAB 00 Tarneit 26th September
O3DL HUAB 00 Werribee 26th September
O3EX HUAB 00 Exhibition 26th September
O3ZB HUAB 00 Brunswick 26th September
O3ZF HUAB 00 Flemington 26th September
O3ZF HUAB 01 Flemington 26th September
O3ZN HUAB 00 Chetwynd 26th September
O3ZR HUAB 00 Richmond 26th September
OT3U HUAB 00 Wodonga 26th September
OT3V HUAB 00 Benalla 26th September

42SG HUAB 00 Glebe 27th September
42SG HUAB 01 Glebe 27th September
42SG HUAB 02 Glebe 27th September
O2DY HUAB 00 Redfern 27th September
O2DY HUAB 01 Redfern 27th September
O2NE HUAB 00 Newtown 27th September
O2WO HUAB 00 Wollongong 27th September
O2WO HUAB 01 Wollongong 27th September
O2WO HUAB 02 Woollongong 27th September
O2ZA HUAB 00 Ashfield 27th September
O2ZK HUAB 00 Kensington 27th September
O2ZV HUAB 00 East Sydney 27th September
O2ZV HUAB 01 East Sydney 27th September
O2ZZ HUAB 00 Coogee 27th September

12PT HUAB 00 Petersham 2nd October
12RH HUAB 00 Rockdale 2nd October
41QP HUAB 00 Sutherland 2nd October
41YL HUAB 00 Miranda 2nd October
O2DZ HUAB 00 Burwood 2nd October
O2EK HUAB 00 Edgecliff 2nd October
O2FT HUAB 00 Maroubra 2nd October
O2HZ HUAB 00 Bankstown 2nd October
O2HZ HUAB 01 Bankstown 2nd October
O2HZ HUAB 02 Bankstown 2nd October
O2IE HUAB 00 Undercliffe 2nd October
O2IU HUAB 00 Kingsgrove 2nd October
O2YJ HUAB 00 Kogarah 2nd October
O2ZF HUAB 00 Bondi 2nd October

51TR HUAB 00 Hornsby 3rd October
51UY HUAB 00 Avalon 3rd October
O2DV HUAB 00 St Leonards 3rd October
O2EW HUAB 00 Wolfe 3rd October
O2FO HUAB 00 Frenchs Forest 3rd October
O2FZ HUAB 00 Manly 3rd October
O2NS HUAB 00 North Sydney 3rd October
O2NS HUAB 01 North Sydney 3rd October
O2NS HUAB 02 North Sydney 3rd October
O2NS HUAB 03 North Sydney 3rd October
O2ZT HUAB 00 Chatswood 3rd October
O2ZX HUAB 00 Cremorne 3rd October
O2ZX HUAB 01 Cremorne 3rd October
O2ZX HUAB 02 Cremorne 3rd October
23VK HUAB 00 NorthCote 3rd October
93IL HUAB 00 Kangaroo Flat 3rd October
O3AW HUAB 00 Broadmedows 3rd October
O3GI HUAB 00 Gisborne 3rd October
O3HA HUAB 00 Hamilton 3rd October
O3SH HUAB 00 Shepperton 3rd October
O3SW HUAB 00 Swan Hill 3rd October
O3WG HUAB 00 Wangaratta 3rd October
OT32 HUAB 00 Maryborough 3rd October
OT3K HUAB 00 Echuca 3rd October
OT3R HUAB 00 Bacchus Marsh 3rd October
OT3S HUAB 00 Kyneton 3rd October
OT3Y HUAB 00 Castlemaine 3rd October
OTVD HUAB 00 Melton 3rd October

54VR HUAB 00 Salisbury 4th October
64VV HUAB 00 Toowong 4th October
64ZB HUAB 00 Zillmere 4th October
74DD HUAB 00 Darra 4th October
74WA HUAB 00 Wacol 4th October
O4AJ HUAB 00 Coorparoo 4th October
O4EZ HUAB 00 Edison 4th October
O4FV HUAB 00 Valley 4th October
O4MG HUAB 00 Mt Gravatt 4th October
O4PG HUAB 00 Paddington 4th October
O4SB HUAB 00 South Brisbane 4th October
O4SH HUAB 00 Spring Hill 4th October
O4WO HUAB 00 Woolloongabba 4th October
OT4J HUAB 00 Bulimba4th October

This list will be updated as more details are provided by Optus.