p2p speed appology to exetel

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p2p speed appology to exetel

Post by RagnaR » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:31 am

I used to be on Exetel about 12 months or so ago and my p2p speeds sucked BIG time. I was on 8mbit connection and would rarely get over 50k p2p speeds. once or twice i went to 100k

adsl2 was put on my exchange so I gave it ago with another ISP just to see if speeds improved. they did, I was connecting to exchange at 11mbit and got average torrent speeds of 300k. which is still well below 1mbit max but alot better than i was getting on exetel...

I have since moved house and only adsl1 is available here so I went back to exetel as they have about the best package.

And i was getting crappy p2p speeds here too.

I used to do a lot of whinging on that notorious whingepool forum (which i'm pleased to announce I no longer frequent)

But I remember someone on here mentioning to me about XP's inbuilt port blocking thing. I passed him off as an exetel fanboi as I built my XP using nLite which has that unlimited port in it so I assumed it couldn't be the fault.

But I thought about 3 weeks ago, what the hell, I'll d/l that util and manually do it, I have nothing to loose.

I'll be BUGGARD!!! I have since doing it gotten 600-800k torrent d/l's consistently.

So I owe Exetel an appolgy for whinging about their shite p2p speeds when all along it was me assuming that nLite did the XP port fix when it obviously didn't :(

So if you are getting crap p2p speeds, give that util a go. It worked wonders for me :)

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Post by dogwomble » Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:24 am

I'm sure the Exetel staff will be very pleased with that sort of feedback :) I've always suspected that, particularly with respect to P2P, it isn't always Exetel that's the cause of the problem - after all, "Exetel is the problem" doesn't necessarily explain why many/most people are able to get excellent P2P speeds, which you obviously have started getting.

I think that this should be made a sticky only so that, before people complain about things not working, they should consider that maybe the problem is with them and not with Exetel. Hopefully that might make the job of the support staff a bit easier :)

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Post by CoreyPlover » Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:45 pm

A possible alternative explanation is that your experimentation coincided with Exetel's P2P caching system being implemented. The P2P caching system allows popular torrents to be delivered at extremely high speeds.

But either way (either due to P2P caching or open ports) you are now getting P2P downloads that are comparable, or well in excess of, premium ISPs and for a fraction of the price. Welcome (back) to Exetel.

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