New customer, not happy

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by simmo81 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:28 pm

I also have been getting terrible speeds on torrents, but has only been this month. i am on the 8000/384 plan and this morning i could not get above 50k/s, since 12noon hit my speeds have gone upto 200k/s which are alot better but still well below what i usually can get, considering it is off a private tracker with 300 seeders my connection should be maxing out at its usual 700ishk/s.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by screwge84 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 6:03 pm

bundywow wrote:I think despite your frustrations that some people should shoe the admin and staff at Exetel some respect. I have been a paying customer of Exetel for almost 4 years a now and whenever i have had a problem with my service they have been prompt and forthcoming with help. Furthermore its been the same people doing it ever since i have been a customer and they know what they are doing and I do not believe that they are misleading their customers like OP suggests.

Also what P2P client do you use? As I found trying different clients can improve your speed somewhat.
I am not disrespecting the staff at Exetel. It's just somewhat misleading. I've come to accept that I will not achieve full P2P download speeds during the off-peak period. Am I disappointed? You betcha. Will I change provider? Right now, no. Bearing in mind that I am not prepared to waste more money cancelling/churning services. It's not to say that I think what's happening is fair, but one voice alone cannot achieve much; especially when others grow to accept it as the norm.

As for your question, I have used both uTorrent and Azureus. However, it is not any other issue aside from the ISP. There is no need for people to start jumping up and down using rhetoric to defend otherwise. I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but I had consistent download speeds with my previous providers as do friends, family, and colleagues.

I should also note that download speeds have improved slightly during the off-peak period. I personally would rather be able to download something like Mandriva [Linux] at ~150kbps in an hour or two and have 24gb off-peak than to wait three to four hours with 48gb off-peak.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by James » Sat Jun 07, 2008 6:14 pm

I don't have issues with torrents, I just downloaded a new torrent (just released in the states a few minutes before I downloaded it), so doubt on cache) at a minimum of 150KB/S with very few seeders.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by ChuckUNorris » Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:50 pm

James wrote:I don't have issues with torrents, I just downloaded a new torrent (just released in the states a few minutes before I downloaded it), so doubt on cache) at a minimum of 150KB/S with very few seeders.
That is nice for you, but obviously a lot of other people are. I myself am on a 8Mbit plan, and all is good during peak hours, but come 10pm (WA), P2P traffic decreases dramatically. My issue is not so much the decrease in speed (as you could still theoretically use your quota) but the fact that Exetel are denying there is an issue. It seems every time there is an issue, the same couple of users (not naming names) run to Exetel's defence, when all we really want is an honest answer.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by hawaiianRobot » Sun Jun 08, 2008 9:01 pm

I'm having the same issues as well. It's fair enough if exetel need to throttle torrents during off peak hours, but the constant denial is what is so frustrating. I never had a problem in the past, it has just been an issue for the past 2 months. Obviously something changed at that time but no explanation has been given. Responses saying that torrents are effected "a bit" because everyone is downloading at those times does not explain why people can only receive 20% of their maximum speed. If you watch the speed you are getting at the exact moment the off peak period starts and ends, the speed instantly changes.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by Franky » Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:01 pm

The back end of May was pretty good, then the start of June is when I really noticed the near round the clock throttling. I've always been excepting & understanding of the need for P2P throttling & de-prioritization during peak hours, but it really seems to be encroaching into off-peak now, I'm talking dead of night, early morning when in past instances the throttling would be heavily relaxed, and I could make effective use of my bandwidth.

Just can't escape the fact that I'm getting nowhere near the speeds via torrent and P2P programs that I was once use to on my 8mb plan, and I refuse to be told or blamed that problem must exist somewhere on my end, because I know very well it does not. I've been with this IP for 4 years now, so please don't blow smoke up my arse.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by wayne349 » Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:46 pm

Exetel are the worst by far for torrents having ( now regrettingly ) just churned to them, i have been with a number of providers over the last 8 years on ADSL 1 so i know as a compasison Exetel are the worst so far.

As soon as i fired up utorrent on Exetel after the churn went through the poor performance was instantly noticible with all torrents never - for the last 2 weeks going over around 40 kbs to 50kbs max and most of the time around 15kbs to 25kbs that prior to churning were maxing out at 165kbs with all settings and options unchanged on utorrent.

I could always download torrents from a private tracker in the UK at absolute max speed before but now no chance at all with Exetel infact thay struggle to even get going and then take ages to get up what speed that can and bottom out at around 50kbs.

HTTP, FTP and all Usenet traffic is at full speed - 167kbs, it's just the torrents are stuck at dial up speed any time day or night, i even installed Azeurus & bitcomet with no improvement at all.

I believe it's $100 to break contract – i'm on ADSL 1 TELJ – does that mean i can actually churn after 4 months is up and would pretty well break even as the TELJ is a $55pm plan as i'd spend $100 breaking contract to then save $110 ( 2 months TELJ ) and be able to go back to unfrustrated downloading ?

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by ccmmreid » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:19 am

These images are from the Exetel Members Facilities page for Network Status:
p2pcachegraph.JPG (143.64 KiB) Viewed 1354 times
adsl1optus150link.JPG (147.79 KiB) Viewed 1354 times
adsl1optus150link2.JPG (118.08 KiB) Viewed 1351 times
As far as I know the blue line represents what users are downloading and the green is what we upload.

The p2p cache is always maxed out for the downloads while the adsl1 optus link has some bandwidth left.

When the cache link was started back in november it shows immediately a decrease in bandwidth use on the optus link.

So if when downloading P2P it always goes through the cache and not utilising available bandwidth on the optus link we will no doubt be unable to get our max speed for downloads due to the fact that there is no bandwidth left on the P2P cache link.

If this is the case, and please correct me if I'm wrong, then our only real solution is for Exetel to use both links for P2P (priority on the P2P link of course) to get the most out of available bandwidth or get a second P2P cache 1Gbps link.

Seeing as more and more people are churning or joining Exetel, mainly as I did for 48GB offpeak downloads for P2P, I would think that the extra revenue Exetel are making from their new customers would allow for such expansion, or else the more people join the slower it will be for the rest of us.


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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by phredd » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:56 pm

Well guys...

I was just about to sign up to Exetel to avoid the throttling by my current ISP. (Australis)

I might rethink this.......

If I pay for 48Gb and 1500/256 isn't it up to me how I use it ???

Sick of this "Hidden" throttle issue ISP's all seem to have.....

Thanks again.


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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by CrackerJak » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:30 am

James wrote:I don't have issues with torrents, I just downloaded a new torrent (just released in the states a few minutes before I downloaded it), so doubt on cache) at a minimum of 150KB/S with very few seeders.
Would you care to remove me from the off peak control group you have me in then (I have over 12gig left 12am-12pm) , because i cant get over 20kbps (less than 1gig in 12hours on average) down and in the past few months you've started to shape my upload speed during certain times of the month. The start of the month was fine for off peak on the same torrents i could max out what ever p2p bandwidth was available (100-175kbps).

I recently heard exetel intends to increase its quota's, don't you think this is deceitful advertising and offensive to those getting well below reasonable off peak p2p speeds!? I don't suppose i can send exetel a bill for $3 for every gig i miss from my 48gig off peak entitlement!?

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by vk3xem » Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:40 am

As most would probably realise many ISP's appear to be throttling P2P. Well my guess is this problem is here to stay as long as we have multiple networks all over Australia for Internet. On the one hand you have Tel$tra ripping people of senseless to feed Sol's personal off shore bank accounts an the other hand you have several companies setting up small pockets of ADSL2+ around the place where they believe they can get more customers.

We can thank the Government for this mess. In my opinion many years ago Tel$tra should have been split into retail and infrastructure, the Government could have flogged off the retail if they wanted to and have a single infrastructure Australia wide for landlines/mobile/Internet. Then all the companies could have purchased bandwidth etc. to resell and ALL Australians would have received a real service instead of the crap we are dealt today.

This will only get worse as other bandwidth intensive applications become the norm, like video on demand.

So the way I see it unless Tel$tra is broken up and a Government controlled wholesale infrastructure is developed that even offers to buy out all the other little ADSL2+ networks we are just going to continue getting an all round crap service. No point blaming each ISP, they can only work with what they have access to.
The views I present are that of my own and NOT of any organisation I may belong to.

73 de Simon, VK3XEM

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by phredd » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:58 pm

Not interested in all the excuses....

If I bought a car that was advertised as capable of 150 KPH, and when I got it I could only do 20 KPH because the fuel pump couldn't keep up, I'd be taking it back and driving it (slowly) up the salemans backside.

However if the saleman said that due to the obvious road conditions I will only get over 20 KPH in the early hours of the morning, and pointed it out to me clearly before I purchased, then I would have to accept fault, and base my decission on the obvious.

What is happening here is the bloody salesman is telling me I can get 150 KPH from my new purchase, then making a special effort to over adjust the handbrake so that it is clearly not possible. To abvertise something that is clearly not accurate is Bull$#1T.

I pay for 1500/256 and 48 Gb, I should be able to achieve both unless clearly explained when I purchased it that I couldn't.

Stop hiding behind the excuses, and either deliver what is advertised, or change the bloody advertising..

Sick of all the deception.

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by phredd » Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:00 pm

What about someone from Exetel responding to these points as they are on their own site ???

I'll sign up guys..... but if its not performing as advertised, will you allow me to churn out at no charge, or is that just another ploy to rip us off.

No excuses... can you prvide the service... OR NOT !!

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by 3lusiv3 » Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:45 pm

phredd wrote:
No excuses... can you prvide the service... OR NOT !!
I think the problem is that exetel can't guarantee the service. You'll either have problems or you won't and you won't know until you join. Are you prepared to gamble?

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Re: New customer, not happy

Post by phredd » Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:32 pm

Reply from Exetel Sales:-
Please be advised that peer to peer traffic is shaped at times on the Exetel network. This traffic group is shaped as a whole, across the entire network and is not applied on an individual basis.

There are no set times for the shaping to occur, the below is a clause in our terms and conditions (

17.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that exclusive use of internet peer-to-peer file exchanges may cause network congestion and performance deterioration. Therefore Exetel has a right to from time to time and at any time limit the Customer's internet bandwidth available for peer-to-peer file exchanges if Exetel (at its sole discretion) decides that not to do so will be detrimental to the overall efficiency of the Exetel network or a supplier's network used to provide the Service.
Says it all. They were honest.. (I suppose)

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