ADSL2 Plan Changes

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Re: ADSL2 Plan Changes

Post by ForumAdmin » Mon May 10, 2010 9:49 am

This thread is closed - it was started on the basis of something that subsequently didn't happen and prolonging 'discussion' on events that don't exist serves no further purpose.

In summary:

1) No peak/off peak plans will be changed to different off peak/peak periods.

2) Exetel apologises to those people we upset/confused.

3) The problem we are attempting to address is this - the total loss from the 29,439 customers (who made a loss in April 2010) amounts to $492, 926.51 per month

4) Our simple choice would have been to reduce the off peak time.

5) We will now address this issue by, as they come out of contract, asking any customer who makes Exetel a loss to either move to a new plan or to move to another service provider.

6) Times are too tough for Exetel to provide services to people at below our cost - we have done it for six years but the size of the loss is too much for us to consider continuing to do it.

7) In terms of being a "valuable customer" - a group of customers who costs us $A6,000,000 a year to have the privilege of providing services to is going to prevent us providing services to another group of 90,000 'loyal' customers .

8) We fully understand that it isn't any particular customer's "fault" that they "use their plan to its limits" - we understand that's our fault for making the offer. However we now have to correct those offers.

9) Life would be so much easier without having to find $A500,000 each month to provide services to 30,000 customers.