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Position At Exetel

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Sales Director – Exetel Pty Ltd 20th November 2010

The Company

Exetel is a small Australian communications company established in January 2004. Over the almost 7 years of its current existence Exetel has grown pretty much every month of its brief existence to the point where it now has around 100 employees (50 in Australia and 50 in Sri Lanka) and a monthly revenue of a little over $A5,000,000 a month.

The company is privately owned by its three founding directors and has no bank or other finance or leasing debt having used shareholder’s funds and vendor terms as its only method of operating its business since its inception.

Exetel’s business is currently 80% residential and 20% business with some 120,000 residential customers and a further 4,000 small business customers and a little over 1,000 larger business customers. Exetel set up a program some 21 months ago and is currently placing great emphasis and, for its size, a large amount of its resources on changing that balance from 80/20 to 50/50.

Exetel’s revenues are derived from a suite of different products and services which include:

Residential: ADSL, Wireline telephony, Wireless broadband, Mobile telephony
Business: SHDSL, EOC, Fibre data service, Wireless Broadband, Hosting and other services

Complete details of Exetel’s activities can be found on its web site.

The Position

The position of Sales Director has been held by the company’s CEO (a founding director) since the company’s inception. The decision to now look at employing an ‘outsider’ and create this new position within a small and tightly managed private company was not taken easily and many of the problems in taking this path were recognized and discussed – almost certainly, many probably haven’t been.

The successful appointee will be required to do all of the usual things inherent in any Sales Director’s responsibilities:

1) Agree and meet revenue and profit targets
2) Develop and further train the current sales supervisors and sales reps
3) Hire and oversee the training of a constant stream of new people
4) Constantly develop the current products and services
5) Define and successfully introduce new services
6) Improve the company’s buy pricing with all suppliers

They are the easy parts of the position.

Exetel is growing its ‘business’ business and attempting to retain its residential business in some of the hardest commercial conditions Exetel’s directors have personally experienced. In the event that the current government’s efforts to replace Telstra with a new federal government monopoly then the residential pressures that have existed for the past two years and that will continue to exist for an unknown amount of time in Australian residential markets will eventually settle down – but that is an unknown, to us, horizon.

In the meantime Exetel’s plans for survival and then growth are based on operating at the most financially and operationally efficient levels that can be achieved and to use those efficiencies to compete with our bigger and sloppier competitors.

Exetel has no ‘marketing people’ to assist the Sales Director with “research”, no advertising budget to promote specific products or ‘company image’ and no HR personnel to help find, interview and recruit new sales personnel. (The sales director will also have no PA or any other support staff).

Exetel currently has around 30 sales personnel who will report to the sales director – approximately 18 in Australia and 12 in Sri Lanka. This number has been growing steadily over the past 12 months and, based on ongoing success, is planned to grow to more than double by the end of 2011. Exetel has grown its current sales personnel by never employing any “industry experienced personnel” but basically only employing graduates with exemplary educational achievements but who, literally, wouldn’t be able to spell EOC or SHDSL.

The working environment available to the sales director is a desk, computer and telephone situated among the people he/she is responsible to for making sure they make their quotas and meet their career aspirations.

So, probably, the word “challenge” doesn’t quite spell out the difficulties of the position.

The Person

The person who would not only be able to do this job is someone who takes more pleasure in the people he/she is responsible for achieving their targets and career ambitions than he/she is him/herself.

They would need to know the Australian residential and business market places very well and the products and services and pricing that applies to those marketplaces.
They would also need to be able to comfortably and effectively deal with the main wholesale suppliers to companies like Exetel as well as to be at their ease in reassuring larger business managers that Exetel is a ‘safe’ supplier.

The person who has held these responsibilities (the person who has written this position description) has gained immense professional and personal satisfaction from this position for almost seven years and regards it as the best position he has ever held in a long, very successful and always interesting sales career. He sees no reason why anyone else who wanted to do this job would feel any differently.

The Remuneration “Package”

There is no package.

The salary is $180,000 pa with a further $60,000 for month by month target achievement with the bonus on target achievement open ended. Superannuation at the then current government levels are also paid in to an employee nominated superannuation account. No car allowances, mobile telephones, laptops or “other standard inclusions” are provided by Exetel.

The position start date is 1/1/11 or some mutually suitable negotiated time.

To Pursue This Opportunity

Please send your resume to:


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