Outage Information Not Comprehensive

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Outage Information Not Comprehensive

Post by marknat » Tue May 19, 2020 3:24 pm

NBN Outage today. Checked Exetel status page, which shows no issues.
Tried a different modem. No help.
Checked the cables. No Help
Called up Exetel. On hold for 20 minutes (with mobile phone speaker on). When someone answered, I go to switch off my speaker to talk. Support staff hang up as took me about 5 seconds to turn off speaker and lift to my ear.
Use my vodaphone mobile to check outages on the vodaphone network (just as a punt - while I wait in the support line again). This takes me to the NBN outage page that shows that "Planned maintenance is currently taking place". Planned?? Not showing up on Exetel status page?? Wow!! and Wow!!

You should be able to extract most of the suggestions from this chronology, but the ones I highlight:
1) Status page needs to be comprehensive or at least point to NBN page. Surely NBN make status information available to resellers?
2) In an outage is planned, notify affected users via sms or email.
3) Support - well, I wait 20 minutes, and they can wait 5 seconds?
4) Unlock exetel modem so I can check logs. That way I would have more easily determined that it was a network issue, not a modem or cable issue.

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