Replacement ADSL modem for diagnostics

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Replacement ADSL modem for diagnostics

Post by CoreyPlover » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:15 pm

Would Exetel consider having modems available to lend to users who are experiencing service issues that are likely to be modem related?

Many diagnostics require (or at least encourage) the user to test their connection with another, independent modem. But for some users this is infeasible as they do not have another modem, cannot borrow one, and should not be expected to incur $100 on purchasing another when there is no guarantee it will fix the problem. Such an arrangement will either give users the confidence that a new modem purchase will resolve their issue, or will save them the $100 or so on a new purchase that might have been unnecessary.

The cost of the delivery and return (effectively hiring) of the modem could be borne by either Exetel, or the user. It is even possible to offer the user the ability to purchase the modem that gets sent out to them rather than returning it. Perhaps a variety of modem brands could be held by Exetel in order to ensure that a different, independent modem is tested during diagnostics.

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Post by TrentG » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:06 pm

While it is a fantastic idea, would it be worth the time and effort to exetel?

I am thinking the way someone could take advantage of this is by requesting one from exetel and them freighting one out which would take 1-4 days by which time a user could have possibly found one somewhere else and done the tests.

On the other hand if there are enough exetel agents around, they could perhaps work something out to provide a test unit to their customers....perhaps if exetel was to provide units at cost price to the agent or something like that. This would work better if it was implemented.


Post by Spanner_Man » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:53 pm

Something like the Netcomm NB6 ?
Basic modem that could be used just for pure testing purposes.
Although it doesn't give that great of stats if something is going wrong.
The only real way would be modem in bridge with a live *nix cd like DSL or even *buntu on a stick gives ALOT more detailed information about a modems status in bridge then what Netcomm's own Diag/Status page does while in PPPoE/A only.

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