Fault Logging system broken

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Fault Logging system broken

Post by jokester01au » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:38 pm


I'd like to have a whinge about the fact that I had to enter a fault 5 times before it (hopefully) is actually in the system.

My fault occurred on a thursday - the sync went away and refuses to come back. On friday I entered a fault report at helpdesk.exetel.com.au from work, and after seeing a screen informing me that my "fault has been successfully entered into the system" I went on my merry way assuming that an army of Exetel technicians were springing into action to rectify my problem.

Alas, when I logged on (from work) on monday to check the progress of my issue, I found no record of it ever having been logged.

So I logged it again. Exactly the same message that my fault has been successfully logged. But was it? No. I followed the instructions on the "open tickets" screen and waited a few minutes. Still nothing.

I use the Opera browser, which is admittedly somewhat less compatible than IE or firefox. So I dusted off IE and tried entering the fault using it instead. Same success message, same lack of fault on the "open tickets" screen. Nothing on the "closed tickets" screen either.

By this stage I am fairly frustrated. The next thing I tried was to email the fault report, being careful to send it from the "authorized account" reported by the helpdesk. STILL NOTHING!

It is now a week later, and I still have no internet. I don't expect to be getting a bill for that period of time.

I have now logged a fault using the telephone system, and I can only hope that it is not connected to the same helpdesk which insists on dropping my pleas on the floor.

PLEASE fix or disconnect this system. Or at least fix the incorrect message that makes people think that someone heard their problems when in fact noone had.


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Post by jokester01au » Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:40 pm

As a postscript --- its now about 15 minutes since I made the phone call to the fault line, and nothing has appeared in my "open ticket history". If there is ANYONE from exetel monitoring these forums PLEASE do something so that my ADSL gets fixed...

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Post by Gidget » Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:21 pm

Hi jokester01au

PM me your ADSL number and I'll have a look for you.


Log a fault ticket here
or call Exetel VOIP numbers (02) 8030 1000 or 1300 788 141 (log faults 24x7)
Exetel Support Portal

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Post by VoIP Admin » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:30 pm

PM me or Gidget with the service number and i will look at it for you

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