Simple checking would help

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Simple checking would help

Post by ercatli » Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:57 pm

I recently converted from Exetel ADSL1 running on Telstra phone system to Exetel ADSL2 and phone. As I would expect, Exetel's service was good, but a problem occurred with Optus or Telstra (I'm not sure which).

When the phone line was "cut over", it went dead. I put in a service request but had to wait 48 hours without phone or ADSL before a contractor employed by Telstra (I think) came to check it out. It turned out that the original cut over was not done properly. Not only were cables moved in the exchange, but cables were also moved in one of the cabinets (or whatever they're called) between the exchange and my house. The contractor didn't think this was necessary, althoughtheremay have been a good reason. But it did complicate things, because the new connection numbers in the exchange and the cabinet(s) were recorded wrongly. A carrier signal was getting through, but calls could not get through because they were running down the wrong route. Once the correct connections were recorded, everything was fine.

None of this was Exetel's fault. But I wonder why the new connection was not checked while the technician was on the job, via a simple phone call to us? Then the mistake could have been fixed immediately, keeping me connected, saving me long calls to Exetel help on my mobile, and obviating the need for a second technician visit, thus saving money.

I wonder whether Exetel could request Optus/Telstra to add that simple step to their procedures?

Martin V

Re: Simple checking would help

Post by Martin V » Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:22 pm

Hello ercatli,

Can you PM the ticket references concerning your case, i will discuss this with the provisioning manager and see about making the improvements with the way your case was handled.


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