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Post by kirkc » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:03 pm

I am a long term generally customer who is generally happy with Exetel.

I clearly understand that it is a no frills but very good value for money service, however I have found the communication seriously lacking on occasions.

Most recently there have been some problems relating to IP changes instigated by extel affecting at the very least, a number of WA ADSL customers. from reading this forum it seems we all had the same problem immediately after the new IPs took effect. All up I spent a day an a half on the phone and sitting in front of my PC wasting my time and that of Exetel's support staff. In this case we were all able to access exetel sites yet there was no mention of a problem anywhere and the support staff insisted for quite some time that there was no problem. My IP has since been changed seveeral times and I have not seen mention anywhere, let alone an email acknowledging the problem, perhaps even explaining it and the repeated IP changes. We all understand problems accurr but surely a little info isn't too much to ask. If the support staff had told me that they were aware of a problem and were looking into it I would not have pointlessly tied them up and wasted a day and a half which i should have spent working!

Also on several occasions now my service has been suspended without warning because of alleged copyright breaches...I might add that on the most recent occassion there is absolutely no way the alleged breach occurred. Anyhow, the typical scenario is that I wake up and find that the phone and internet don't work. The first time I messed with cables and reboots etc (anyone know just how finisky those network cable plugs & sockets can be?!). Couldn't check my email to see if Exetel had sent me anything, couldn't check my bank account to make sure that their payment hadn't bounced, couldn't access the online white pages to look up their number...had to use my mobile at great expense. I've now written Exetel's number down and I call them first. I'd happily pay in advance for Exetel to send me an SMS notifying be of any such action on their part. God forbif I I needed to make an emergency call...I have 2 toddlers and mobile's aren't always charged and on.

Ditto the above for the one occassion where my payment bounced. I'd already been a long term customer and then wham! warning, no phone and no internet. Hell I'd pay a month in advance just to ensure that crap can never happen. I might add that if the payment came out on the 1st of each month as I requested and was led to believe would happen then this situation would not have arisen.

Seriously, you guys provide a great service but how about a little communication, surely it doesn't cost much and I'm willing to pay for it.

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Re: Communication

Post by CoreyPlover » Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:07 am

I'm sure Exetel have the best of intentions in communicating outages and responding to unforeseen issues (such as those which seem to have arisen with IP address changes). What can happen is that many customers experience seamless migration, or prompt and informative support ticket responses but others slip through the cracks so the issue here might be one specifically of consistency rather than absolute levels of support.

What I can (and will) do is bring this thread to the attention of a support engineer because feedback is always of use to any organisation in an effort to improve services.

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