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Small Business service suggestions

Post by CorporateVoIP » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:50 am

Over the coming weeks, Exetel will be looking at how to package up our services in an attractive manner for small businesses.

Presently, we presume the myriad services available from Exetel cover everything a small business should need to do business; data, phones/VoIP, hardware, fax, email, sms, web hosting, VPN, mobile broadband and software development; at the lowest possible prices.

Exetel is also considering the opportunity that is available with having built a first rate organisation in Sri Lanka, for providing phone based consulting services to small business. Our SL staff are highly skilled, friendly and knowledgeable in the full range of Exetel products and we are considering leveraging those attributes to providing phone/remote based consulting to help small business establish themselves with an Exetel package deal. Combined with pre-configured hardware and remote access tools, we expect that a business could be online and doing business within a couple of hours of receiving their office in a box.

So, we are examining what can be done to package these services for small business. We are seeking the following:
- Input as to what would be expected from a package service
- What you would expect from an assigned Exetel consultant for your business
- Examples of hardware that is known to work for small business
* Routers (esp those with QoS or RSVP capabilities)
* IP and PSTN phones (PSTN for use with ATA or VoIP capable DSL router) especially those that work well in loud environments

Once we have decided on the hardware options, we will call for expressions of interest from existing customers who would like to trial the hardware components of the package. This would likely be:
- SOHO router
- 2 phones (likely IP phones)

We would be looking for a couple of candidates from the following areas:
- Hospitality; small restaurant of cafe
- Retail business; shoe store, casual clothing boutique
- Professional services; accountant, law firm, technical design or real estate
- Trade house; mechanic/autoelectrician workshop

During the trial, you would be reimbursed for your data plan and VoIP number rental and you would be expected to report all experiences of the service and to provide a testimonial at the end of the trial. Preferably, we would like candidates who are familiar with our technology but would call their brother-in-law or next door neighbour to help set it up.

The final package details and pricing will be determined based on the experiences of the trial group and how much phone/remote support was required to get the hardware and systems working as we would expect.

Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions below. More details to follow. You can also e-mail suggestions to

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