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Modem Set Up Guides

Postby James D on Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:21 pm

Exetel has published (with the help of the customers) a series of Modem Setup Guides.

These are located here -

Modem Brands include:


If you can add a set up guide we haven't yet included please email:
James D

Re: Modem Set Up Guides

Postby thejeg on Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:11 pm

Updated modem setup information of the following modems/routers can be obtained by clicking here

* 2Wire
o 2Wire 2701HGV-W

* Alcatel
o Alcatel Modem Speed Touch Pro
o Alcatel Speed Touch Home/530
o Alcatel Speed Touch 536

* Billion
o Billion 7300 G
o Billion 7301 VGP - VOIP ONLY
o Billion 7401 VGP
o Billion 7402 GLM
o Billion 7402 VGO
o Billion 7402 VGP
o Billion 7404 VGO
o Bipac 5100

* Cisco
o Sample Config For Cisco 1721
o Sample Config For Cisco 827 and 837
o Sample Config For Cisco 877

* Dlink
o DSL 502T
o DSL 504T
o DSL G604T
o DVG2001S

* Dynalink
o RTA1025W

* Linksys
o SPA 3000

* Netcomm
o Netcomm NB1300
o Netcomm NB2
o Netcomm NB3
o Netcomm NB5
o Netcomm NB5+4
o Netcomm NB5+4W
o Netcomm NB5580(W)
o Netcomm NB6plus4W
o Netcomm NB9
o Netcomm NB9W

* Netgear
o DG834
o MBM621

* Siemens
o SpeedStream 4200
o SpeedStream 6520 Series

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