NB6 goes to sleep after 1-2days

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NB6 goes to sleep after 1-2days

Post by darylp » Sat May 10, 2008 3:22 pm

I've got a NB6 v3.29u firmware which looks after a Windows SBS 2003 Server running PPTP server.

The modem seems to run out of resources after 1-2days.
It is no longer accessable via the LAN web interface.
A power-cycle seems to fix it.

I've got 5 NB6Plus4W units which work really well, but I know the NB6Plus4W has 16MB RAM, whereas the NB6 only has 8MB.

None of my working sites have a PPTP GRE tunnel defined, though.

The ADSL side of things is stable, no drop-outs etc.

I know NetComm recently had a bad batch of NB6Plus4W routers, I wonder if this NB6 is likely to be bad too?

It there anyone else out their using a NB6 with a PPTP GRE tunnel defined that can say "Great modem, have 10 remote PPTP clients connecting everyday, don't have problems."

James D

Re: NB6 goes to sleep after 1-2days

Post by James D » Sat May 10, 2008 5:39 pm

It dose sound like an issue the the Netcomm modem itself.

The only thing i can suggest is you give network a call, they may have a new firmwear or may let you know that it is faulty and they will replace it for you.

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