watchguard firebox x10e and netgear modem DM111P

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watchguard firebox x10e and netgear modem DM111P

Post by jezweb » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:04 pm

I'm attempting to configure the watchguard box so that it will connect two separate adsl2 connections.

The lines seem fine and the accounts but Im just not seeming to get the configuration correct.

Has anyone got a successful configuration of a watchguard firebox and an adsl (no router) modem using the pppoe settings?

I figured it would just be a matter of putting in the phone number in the username box, the domain in the domain box, the password and then it would connect. I tried the domain in the usual @blah format too and that didnt help.

I guess it would be a similar sort of configuration as what might be needed for the NB750 which exetel sells. Which there is no specific guide for on exetel but the manual for ... 750_UG.pdf
has westnet details in the diagram which like like the same sort of way i tried to configure the firebox.

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