Asus DSL-AC68U settings FTTN for NBN

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Asus DSL-AC68U settings FTTN for NBN

Post by swamprat96 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:16 pm

I'm posting this to save others the hassle for what I've just been through. This modem/router works just fine with Exetel FTTN but the setup is a little fiddly.
1. Unplug your phone line from the modem. If you can - do this the night before cutover.
2. Unplug all devices except the computer you are using to configure the modem. This is an essential step as you will sync but not connect to FTTN if you don't.
3. Do NOT use the setup wizard to configure your router. With the current latest software ( the wizard does not enable G.INP and G.vector. If you do not have this enabled your NBN port will lock- guaranteed. Exetel have to request a port unlock- they can't do it themselves. Do your settings manually or you'll add days to your connection.
4. Set the DSL Settings as per the attached DSL Setting.png attached- basically the only changes are DSL Modulation to VDSL, VDSL profile 17a multimode and both G.INP and G.vector enabled
5. Set the WAN settings as per the two docs attached. You have to change from ADSL to VDSL and authentication is CHAP. Put in your new credentials here. At this point you should get a solid DSL light
6. Plug in the phone line. At this point you should get a solid DSL light but I wouldn't wait for it.
7. reboot the router. The DSL light will take a while to sync (stop flashing) then the internet light should come on

This sounds easier than it was. None of the online help mentioned the wan settings which was essential to get a PPPoe connection to Exetel. I had a DSL sync light - but couldn't authenticate.
Wan settings Part 2.PNG
Bottom part of Wan page
Wan settings Part 2.PNG (33.95 KiB) Viewed 20007 times
Wan settings Part 1.PNG
Top part of wan page
Wan settings Part 1.PNG (103.51 KiB) Viewed 20007 times
DSL setting.PNG
DSL settings
DSL setting.PNG (91.62 KiB) Viewed 20007 times

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