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Spam block-

Post by sparkles » Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:07 am

Dear Exetel,

thankyou for blocking my internet use. yes I did have a virus.It was a bad one- the Kasper sky Internet security 2010. My computer is being rebuilt as I type. I received the virus though an email starting with USP tracking office form America- as I had a parcel taht I was waiting on form there I opened the email.
stupid I know- but i had saved the email and attachment and ran a virsu scan on both before openieng- apparently my son told me that virus scans do not pick up macros?

anyway my computer got infected. We immediately pulled it out of the internet as soon as all these little virus scan boxes started popping up on my desktop. Did all the things to get rid of it . I backed up all my files on to an external; hard drive while in safe mode. ran the virus scan again and it didn't; pick it up.

Computer seemed fine.

Friday morning turned on computer and wham it all started over again.

This time pulled it out and took it to a computer person to get rebuilt.

It is still there now. Hopefully I will get back soon.

I would like to apologise to exetel for any spam that my have originated from my computer system while the virus was there. It was done completely with out my knowledge that just because I had a virus that it was spreading to other computers.

I feel extremely embarrassed it to have caused an issue. Please accept my apologies.

Is there anyway to be able to check that it is still not happening- as I said computer that was infected is being rebuilt.

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Re: Spam block-

Post by Dazzled » Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:24 am

Every computer that runs Windows is at risk from this menace, but as you have taken the affected machine offline, you should be safe to go through the unblocking procedure. If you are blocked again you will know you have another infection. I am not clear on which particular malware species it was, but many won't attack the other computers you have, if you don't email between them. If you notice your modem or router carrying traffic when your computers are idle you scould check, although it may be only a harmless weather update or the like. You should now scan all other Windows computers on your network for malware though. Kaspersky can do that.

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Re: Spam block-

Post by jokiin » Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:31 am

sparkles wrote:I received the virus though an email starting with USP tracking office form America-
I've been getting that one all week also, I also deal with UPS so did have a second look before deleting (they would never send you information in a zipped attachment), I can understand how you could get caught off guard if you don't deal with them regularly though

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