Email redirecting Outlook

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Email redirecting Outlook

Post by azaghul33 » Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:10 am

Is there a way to access our accounts on the email server to delete emails that are causing issues prior to them being downloaded locally?

Received 2 suspect emails yesterday with .docx attachments that when downloaded redirect me to a shopify server when the email is viewed (.docx not opened), then redirect me there everytime Outlook is started.

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Re: Email redirecting Outlook

Post by Dazzled » Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:30 am

I would consider using a different email client. That aside, outlook is configured to periodically check for messages on the server, and then download them to your computer. It probably is also set to delete them from the server once stored in your system.

There is no need for email clients to display the contents of attachments or, just as dangerous, html code, which is the coding used for web pages. It allows you to do pretty effects. Outlook doing this is the common entrance for Windows malware. It is best to show just the plain text and let you decide what to look at further. Most email deceptions looks pretty dumb in plain text. You can look at your configuration for this.

Your Windows malware software suite should also be scanning your email as it is downloaded, intercepting and collecting known spam and dangerous attachments. Looking at this would be a good starting point to stop this. Free mail washing software is available. Email should always be scanned on a Windows machine.

Scanning yourself isn't as convenient as automatic retrieval. If outlook is stopped automatically checking and downloading you can do your own scan. Webmail in your browser is the simple method.

Another old fashioned no-graphics all-typing method is telnet in a DOS prompt window, which I wrote about at This will probably not appeal to a non-tech user.

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