Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Connection issues, drop outs or speed related faults for ADSL and ADSL2+ services
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Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by Plan9 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:27 am

I've used Exetel 1500k ADSL for over 18 months and managed to sync fairly close to the maximum speed. After trialling VOIP for a year I decided to go Naked ADSL2 only to discover that I am syncing at a maximum speed of 800k. I have checked everything at my end, including upgrading to the latest firmware (Billion 7401 VGP), doing a factory reset, unplugging all electrical equipment, using a 10cm phone cable to connect modem and trying a different modem (brand new Netcomm NB9W). Apparently I am around 4.8km from the exchange (cable length to Kangaroo Flat exchange), so I didn't expect a big increase in speed, but I didn't expect to be reduced to half the speed. Exetel support tried several setting changes to the service, but changing the profile to ADSL 1500k made things a lot worse, ie. I could only sync at 200k (down from 800k on the ADSL2+ profile). Eventually the problem was escalated to the supplier (Optus) who replied saying that nothing was wrong with the DSLAM or the copper to my property and the low speed was only due to the distance - they have left the DSLAM at an ADSL profile so I am now only syncing at 160-200k (not much more than dial-up). There final solution was that I can discontinue the service or put up with the slow speed. Also since swapping to ADSL2+ my in game latency has increased by around 30-40ms - I know it's due to interleaving but I was hoping this would be a trade off for faster download speeds. So it looks like I am now stuck with high pings and slow download speeds.

I need some expert help to try and make sense of the following inconsistencies and work out where I should go from here -
- When the serivce was changed from a phone and ADSL line to a Naked ADSL2 line, the SNR increased from 6-7 to around 13-15 - shouldn't this have meant I could sync higher (not significantly slower) ?
- Before the changeover my Line Attenuation was around 49, but after the changeover this dropped to 38 on the ADSL2+ profile, but went back up to 49 again when changed to the ADSL profile ?
- Why could I get around 1500k ADSL on the Telstra DSLAM but only 200k ADSL on the Optus DSLAM - is there problems/issues with Optus DSLAMs ?
- After the changeover, why would the ADSL2+ profile give me a sync speed of 800k but an ADSL profile only 200k - is this related to the lower Line Attenuation on the ADSL2+ profile ?
- If I'm now on an ADSL profile, why is my latency still set to "Interleave" - I think it was previously set to "Fast" ?
- Do I just have to take Optus's word that there is nothing wrong on their DSLAM, or are there any other avenues to follow ?

It doesn't sound like I am going to get any further assistance from Exetel or Optus - can anyone offer assistance ? I have now given up our previous landline number and provided friends and family with our new VOIP number (local to Bendigo) - I don't want to go back to paying for an line rental I don't need. The only positive thing has been that using the 800k ADSL2+ profile in online games there has been a reduction on lost packets that sometimes used to cause issues with my previous ADSL connection, so this made the 30-40 ms increase in latency bearable.


Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by JasonM » Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:23 pm

The SNR change that you recorded is likely related to the change of equipment. Our supplier uses different equipment to that of Telstra, and therefore some properties of your line may be different.

Profile changes will cause the attenuation to change - this is because more signal is available, and less attenuation is required to receive that signal on a 'higher' profile.

The equipment used by the supplier is different to that of Telstra (different brand), as such it may not behave the same as the other equipment. One would assume the speeds may be 'similar' between the different equipment - however, in your specific case, the speeds are different possibly due to a change in how the line is connecting to the equipment.

The ADSL only profile in some cases, syncs faster than an ADSL2+ profile where the modem is ADSL2 only (and not ADSL2+).

The profiles do not control the interleaving option, this is a seperate configuration item, and there is no ability to change this to 'Fast'. Interleaving helps correct errors between transmissions, and therefore assists in maintaining a stable service.

Unfortunately, due to the distance from the exchange, there is no further troubleshooting available - the supplier is unable to proceed based on the distance from the exchange. As per email, they are offering to terminate the service without a disconnection fee, or you may accept the service in its current state.

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Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by Plan9 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:22 pm

A quick update on my ADSL2 problems - they've been fixed. After a lengthy process, Jason from Extel arranged for Optus to send a technician (actually from a Company called Service Stream) who verified that there was a problem with my line. Optus then logged a fault with Telstra who send out a technician this morning - I caught up with him on the way to work half way down the main road. The Telstra technician confirmed that there was a problem and based on his calcs from the nearest tested pillar I should be getting around 3500k (he was measuring less than 200-400k at our property). I left him going from pit to pit trying to track down the source of the line noise causing the sync problems - he obviously found and fixed it because when i got home my modem synced at 4000k. I'm glad a perservered with the problem and didn't settle with the 200-800k connection. So I would like to thank everyone who helped track down and solve the problem including Jason from Extel, Optus, Service Stream and finally Telstra.


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Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by G00se » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:57 pm

Wow Plan9

Sounds like you had to jump some hurdles to get a tech to inspect the copper.

I'm in your exact same position (except for location I'm on the Central Coast NSW), I moved from ADSL to ADSL2 and found no performance improvement, in fact it was worse (300Kbps Sync was the best I got).

Similar SNR Margin

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin (dB): 7.0 12.0

The only other noticeable differences:
- I'm on a combined Line Rental and ADSL2 Service - I'm trialing the ADSL2 service first before going to NakedDSL.
- I am 4.2km from the exchange

After exhausting every possible avenue (Line Isolation, Plenty of different Line Filters, 3 Modems, Firmware Upgrades, etc) Exetel Support handed over the support to Wholesalers (Optus DSLAM @ Long Jetty).

After about 3 to 4 weeks of call's to Tech Support asking for and update (Yes everyone that was me Choking the support queue) We hit a high last Friday afternoon! 1000Kbps Sync Speed :(

Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 793
Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 1042

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin (dB): 7.0 12.1
Attenuation (dB): 51.0 29.0

The question I have is how did you get an engineer to go and check the line?

Cheers if anyone has an answer


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Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by CoreyPlover » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:23 pm

G00se wrote:The question I have is how did you get an engineer to go and check the line?
You can ask Exetel to arrange a technician callout (via I suppose). Technically, if no fault is found, you could be liable for a $220 incorrect call-out fee. But since you are getting less than the required 1.5Mbps minimum for ADSL2 this call-out fee should be waived (don't trust me on this though, ask Exetel)


Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by JasonM » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:52 pm

That would be incorrect.

The $220 fee is applied in the event there is no fault found within the supplier network (ie. between the network boundary point and telephone exchange).

In some cases, where there doesn't appear to be a fault, they may deem the service to be undeliverable (depending on the line test results, modem data, and other testing information).

In rarer cases, an issue may seem to be only distance related (such as the OP), and after a tech has had a look (a detailed look), they may find a fault. It's a high risk though, as a $220 fee is more likely to apply if there is no fault, and the issue is simply distance related - some longer lines behave different to others, and this is simply due to the joins used, types of cable, and quality of cable. The fee in such scenarios (ie. no faults seen on the line tests, connection appears to be normal, just 'slow') is a gamble - it can work out in some cases (great news for the OP), and in others it may be a costly 'no fault found'.

As per PM G00se - the supplier is still investigating this issue and further follow up is required.

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Re: Naked ADSL2 only HALF the speed of 1500k ADSL

Post by Plan9 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:48 pm


I asked Extel to send the tech out - but before they would, I had to agree to pay the $220 call out fee if no fault was found. I guess this was a gamble, but I believed that I could get faster speeds because I had previously on ADSL. In my case the gamble paid off and I got a 10x increase in speed. The newly fixed line is also very stable - I haven't had any dropouts and my ping times in games have decreased and remain constant throughout the game, ie. they don't fluctuate. I'm not sure what ratio the tech's have where they don't find a problem, but the tech that did come out seemed relieved he found a fault because quite often he doesn't (particularly with random dropouts).

Good luck with you connection, hope it works out for the best.


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