Beware Exetel plan change con!!

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Re: Beware Exetel plan change con!!

Post by TijN » Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:25 pm

Just to throw a spanner into all this.

I was on a 10 hour offpeak plan, and i got an email saying it was auto being changed over to the new plan that Exetel says was better, because my current plan was no longer offered.

At the time I thought the email said if you don't want this to happen, email us. But once I decided I didn't want this auto plan change to happen, I reread the email and it says if you don't want this to happen change ISP's.

So my choices were except the auto change OR leave Exetel. Thought this was a little blunt for a customer who has been here since 2005.

I think 6 hours off offpeak isn't really enough, I don't care how many gb they give me.

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Re: Beware Exetel plan change con!!

Post by ch0cb0mb » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:39 pm

oh bummer! i shouldve came in this forum 1st before i changed plans.
My off peak period have been slashed to 6hrs. Now i have to stop the download manager earlier b4 it chews up my peak period.
Much cheaper than my old plan but i didnt realise the peak/off peak times changes :(

Maybe Exetel can make an acception for old customers like me who have been with Exetel since 2005 :)

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