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Naked ADSL2+ Dropouts - Please Help!

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:27 pm
by tommcm1200
hi all,

i have been having dropouts for the past month.

i am on a naked adsl 2+ plan. I have changed modems and attempted differnt configs but stil they persist. there are never any devices connected other than the modem connected.

the issues appears to be intermittent i.e. today i had a non-doprout period for 24hrs but tonight they have occured every 5-15 mins. modem resets etc make no different. this is a regular occurence.

sys logs from my modem...

9/19/2010 18:13:29> MPOA Link Up
9/19/2010 18:13:29> ppp_ready: ch:804fbb64, iface:80476dc0
9/19/2010 18:13:29> SNMP TRAP 3: link up
9/19/2010 18:13:29> Accept() fail
9/19/2010 18:13:29> Accept() fail
9/19/2010 18:14:57> Call drop because echo reply not received in time
9/19/2010 18:14:57> SNMP TRAP 2: link down
9/19/2010 18:15:8> MPOA Link Down
9/19/2010 18:15:8> netMakeChannDial: err=-3001 rn_p=804e5dc0
9/19/2010 18:15:11> Last errorlog repeat 1 Times
9/19/2010 18:15:11> MPOA Link Up
9/19/2010 18:15:23> MPOA Link Down
9/19/2010 18:15:23> netMakeChannDial: err=-3001 rn_p=804e5dc0
9/19/2010 18:15:59> Last errorlog repeat 48 Times
9/19/2010 18:15:59> MPOA Link Up
9/19/2010 18:16:17> ppp_ready: ch:804fbb64, iface:80476dc0
9/19/2010 18:16:17> SNMP TRAP 3: link up
9/19/2010 18:16:17> Accept() fail
9/19/2010 18:16:17> Accept() fail

Modem Stats taken at differing times...

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin
25.1 16.5 db

Line Attenuation
29.0 16.2 db

Data Rate
3047 495 kbps

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin
8.9 10.0 db

Line Attenuation
30.0 16.7 db

Data Rate
8356 583 kbps

any assistance would be much appreciated.



Re: Naked ADSL2+ Dropouts - Please Help!

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:54 pm
by Dazzled
Drop outs are usually local matters and commonly result from the modem failing the telephone analogue to computer digital conversion process because of noise frequencies. The number of bits available for each frequency band is dependent on the SNR margin used. If the modem needs a higher margin, speed suffers. You have seen this result.

MPOA is Multi-Protocol Over ATM, and if it fails (an echo reply was not received from SNMP is the trigger here), your modem simply stops working. When it happens next keep an eye on the lights - does the PPP (Exetel connection) light stay up?

So it it could be your line or it could be your modem. For the line, plug in a phone and check there are no staticky noises. A modem swap is the only easy modem check.

Intermittent makes it hard, but check your cables are short and well away from magnetic interference from appliances, TVs etc.

Put your information together and email who can do further remote line checks for you.