Moving to ADSL2 Questions

Connection issues, drop outs or speed related faults for ADSL and ADSL2+ services
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Moving to ADSL2 Questions

Post by Dazzled » Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:41 pm

In viewtopic.php?f=4&t=37470&p=286565#p286565 Syalinho asked:
Can you tell me more about what you said "Even though your user facilities is showing the AAPT set of plans, you probably need to do a check on your number anyway to be more sure." What do I need to check for more sure?

One more question. My plan is ADSL1 and my modem is NB1. After changing to ADSL2 (either “A” or “O” plan), should I have to do any setting changes in my NB1 modem?

By the way, what is central splitter? I find that I was asked to answer if I have a central splitter when I am doing the changing plan process.

Thanks in advance.
1. You can check the availability of an Optus or AAPT/Powertel service in advance by finding the desired plan in the ordinary Exetel website, and pressing the Order button. The checker comes up. You don't have to proceed further. You can quickly look at your options this way.

2. Which NB1? The current Netcomm model is an ADSL2 modem, and you only have to ensure that multimode modulation is selected. It likely is selected already. If G.DMT is selected you should change it, as this limits you to ADSL1 speed.

3. A central filter splitter is in a hinged box, fitted by a licensed cabler before your first phone point, and splits your telephone service into 2 - a filtered part for phones with wall outlets, and a separate unfiltered part for modems. You'll know if one of these has been fitted.

In most houses you will have the modem straight in the wall point, and your phones fitted with in-line filters. If your filters are old, there may be merit in getting new ones which are suitable for the higher potential speeds. The combined filter/splitter supplied in the current Netcomm box is quite suitable.

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