Slow ADSL - 250KB/s downloads in Perth

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Re: Slow ADSL - 250KB/s downloads in Perth

Post by stevecJ » Wed May 09, 2012 11:05 pm

Prizm wrote:ok, so I am still having speed problems, and it is not my end. I have plugged an ethernet cable directly to the modem and used two different PCs with no change. I have also tried another modem and got the same poor result.

I was about to have Exetel send a technician out to test the lines, but the problem is that sometimes in the morning (like 7:00am ish), I can get 900KB/s to 1MB/s. But then during the rest of the day and night, it varies between 170KB/s and 600KB/s, but usually settling around 300KB/s. Sometimes it might spike higher for a very short time.

So it seems to be congestion to me. What will a technician do about that? I don't trust a technician to come out and do a fair analysis. I get the impression they'll tell me the speed is acceptable and then I'll be slapped with a $200 call-out fee, and stuck with 300KB/s.

We will further check on this and reply to your email.
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Re: Slow ADSL - 250KB/s downloads in Perth

Post by Prizm » Thu May 10, 2012 9:23 am


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Re: Slow ADSL - 250KB/s downloads in Perth

Post by jims » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:22 pm

FYI, this is a rant..

I'm also based in Perth (Bassendean to be exact), and have speed issues over the last month (maybe longer), looks like Perth POP of Exetel network is overloaded..

The following numbers come from or

Peak periods 1-2MBit.. Off peak 10Mbit..

ADSL line speed is 11Mbit down /0.9Mbit up..

The following numbers remain very reproducible over the past month..

During speed tests pings to the first downstream router go from 30ms to 300+..

So looks like the link(s) between my ADSL router and is over subscribed.. Not sure which carrier is providing that connection, but Exetel needs to complain to their wholesale supplier, 10% performance during peak means streaming live video is very painful.

I've raised several tickets, but each time I get a line test which looks good, a technician comes out and 'fixes' something, but still my peak time performance is crap.

Latest advise is to try another ADSL modem.. I fail to see how changing equipment will fix a congestion issue on the network..

I would gladly exchange my 200GB plan for a 20GB plan which provides decent peak performance..

I think its time to change carriers..



Re: Slow ADSL - 250KB/s downloads in Perth

Post by asankag » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:14 pm

Hello James,

We have sent a reply to the email you have sent us with some additional information. Please look into it and sens us a reply.


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