Charged $220 incorrect call out fee.

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Re: Charged $220 incorrect call out fee.

Post by seaeagle » Sun May 29, 2016 2:54 pm

Seems I have landed myself in an awful lot of work, I don't have time to play with linux as I used to. Not sure when things will quieten down but it may take several months. Not sure what my problem was in the previous messages but just now running a couple of line tests the response indicates the program is running fine.

I understand what you are saying and when I get time I will see if I can make a recovery effort. I have got some bits that should allow me to get the console port working but I don't know when that will be.

For a couple of days I thought my Linux machine was slower than usual so I have taken time just to run my program and also the exetel speed test. As attached figure shows there is a marked difference. My line test shows what performance I generally expect but the Exetel show much lower download speed but consistent with what I see on my download meter (Knemo). As an example of what I expect a few posts back is another Exetel speed test reported.

In the past perhaps 3 to 4 weeks I have not switched the modem off, it is running 24 hours a day. Thinking that perhaps a reset might improve the situation, not the case same test results. As the Internet connection is working I will let it be for the time being before I 'complain'.
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-03-reset-modem.jpg
exetel much lower figures
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-03-reset-modem.jpg (51.06 KiB) Viewed 1006 times
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-02-reset-modem.jpg
reset modem just in case, no change
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-02-reset-modem.jpg (46.78 KiB) Viewed 1006 times

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Re: Charged $220 incorrect call out fee.

Post by seaeagle » Sun May 29, 2016 3:24 pm

Close to make a real fool of myself again I think. Normally having one phone connected on the line is not a problem unless doing big downloads, 1 GB or more then the time stretches the patience. Just to be sure i went and disconnected the first phone (already disconnected the second phone we have).

To my surprise the Exetel test, download, jumped up again to very acceptable value, see attached. I thought it was only 2 months approx since I changed filter (again). Though I may have put in the wrong one too. In hind sight we did have a mighty bang when the lightening hit our power pole transformer, but that was much longer ago I thought. All 3 pole fuses were kaput, the street was without power for approx 24 hours, long enough for Uitlity sending rebate checks, main thing pc's started without any complaints.

I am starting to have a box full of filters that display increasing line loading with time. Time being about 1 to 2 months. After a 6 months rest they seem to have recovered, being a bit frugal I succumb to re-use on occasion and forget.

I think it is time I break open a few of these and see what is going on. :D
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-04-exetel-speed-test.jpg
when last phone removed from the line
160529-adsl-line-test-exetel-speed-test-TP-Link W8960N-04-exetel-speed-test.jpg (51.72 KiB) Viewed 1004 times

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Re: Charged $220 incorrect call out fee.

Post by Shukri » Sun May 29, 2016 5:27 pm

Kindly note that we have analyzed the information you provided. Based on your test results we can see that you are getting acceptable download speeds compared to the sync rate. However the latency seems to be not normal. Therefore we require more information to identify the fault and to investigate further. We have sent you an email with set of tests and troubleshooting steps that needs to be done from your end. Please reply back to us with the results; so we could investigate further. Thanks.

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