Improving Exetels Support Functions - Phase III

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Post by jhall006 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:49 pm

Excellent service when emailing with questions.

Best idea would be some stickies because eventually (and I'm not a forum newbie or anything), I found the information I needed, but would have saved the exetel help chaps some time if there were stickies with some pretty common/straightforward questions!

cheers guys, you are good. Very good.

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mobile / text backup??

Post by dannyrus » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:08 pm

There is the occasional time when either setting up a new plan, or waiting for a new modem to arrive etc. where the welcome/support emails say 'check your email for settings' but often you can't check email coz you have no web access...

Perhaps a mobile/text backup would be handy for when web access is down (provided mobile number is provided at signup) you can text say a 13xxxx number and your vital info (username, password, pop & smtp etc) are texted back to you...?? Vodafone have a similar setup, you send a blank text to a particular number and it texts back your balance. Very handy...

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Post by soaper » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:29 pm

to me the obvious place to go for modem support is to the modem supplier

that requires, in my case, lengthy waits.

but they are the experts, they have a warranty service for which we have paid, and an assistance service if u are within warranty

i think most of the support from exetel IS sort of fragmented and needs rearranging

the live help line has not been of assistance to me as no one , who had any knowledge, came there in the hour i stayed on.
i personally would rather not be bothered with that unless there was some firming up of intelligent assistance presence there
i am sure it was better in the past ??????????
well my experience of it was anway

the little assistance i have needed has been around new set ups and line problems.
lets face it many of us will mess up a new connection, a new load of firmware or whatever.
i have had kindly assistance for that sort of issue.

and many of us will have lines that are not easily repaired.
kindly delt with eventually ..... but so far not advanced far due to telstra having such perfect lines

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Post by jazzeddie1234 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:58 pm

I must be the odd person out! I had a fault where I could not access the internet and after a small panic called directory service to get the phone number and used the automated service to log a fault. Only needed to answer one question so it was really simple. Couple of hours later the problem was fixed.

So whats wrong with me? Sure beats my last provider - I had to wait for hours to talk to a humanoid.

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Post by cryptwizard » Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:24 pm

My only suggestion would be to make your support options MUCH MORE OBVIOUS.
That is stuff like:
- Putting modem, email settings, etc. all on one page
- Putting all latest faults, speed issues, xy service outages, etc. all on one page
- Make links to the bandwidth graphs more obvious
- Give us something like the old network diagram where all the routers, switches and other critical equipment were also included, instead of just having a black line from one location to the other
- Have a painfully obvious page linking to the above pages

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Post by edwar64896 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:34 pm

Exetel, it appears to me, has always been a company that primarily likes to promote itself to those "in the know". I would like to suggest that a good way of improving local support for internet users is perhaps to have a network of local support providers - people who might have some time to visit a local subcriber that is having problems getting set up. As per usual, it would be exetel subscribers that are "in the know" helping out people that are "getting up to speed".

You could create a registry of people and their locations that are willing to help, and people could register questions either by phone or SMS - emailing a voicemail out to a local provider who could respond or acknowledge the call.

Responses to support questions would allow a user to build up an account credit which could be used to offset their monthly fee.

just a suggestion...


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Exetel Support

Post by atmint » Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:50 pm

The missing part, particularly since implementation of ADSL2 has been to 1. being able to get a same day response from anyone, even if it was only a 'comfort' response. This gave the impression to a lot of my clients that they were being ignored. 2. to log a fault is great, but it is a one-way action and people do like at least to be acknowledged. You would know this and I always understood that the problems with that major switch would overload your staff for a period till things settled down, as they since have . There is also the problem with speed. Often the speed is unreasonably slow and there should be a simple remedy or explanation, as expectations always are attached to the promoted number, when one subscribes or switches. It is often simply the server one downloads from which is the slow coach. Some kind of, even automated initial response would remove a lot of anger and frustration from some users.

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Post by machine » Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:52 pm

Had connected over 20 people to Exetel, before I joined Exetel(was under contract to another ISP) .
First couple of connections I did was a "bit tricky" but now it's all down-pat.
Only ever had 1 problem that I couldn't fix and that was at my daughters place on ADSL2+ on XXXX293719.
The problem was external, was disgnosed promptly and corrective action taken very quickly and professionally. Communication/Feedback from Exetel was good.
My sugestion is to just "fine tune" the current proceedures.
New proceedures can be put in place once certified working, as customers don't like trial and error, as per the naked ADSL debacle with certain ISP's.

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Post by Borgscan » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:01 pm

Hello, long-term reader, first time poster...
Perhaps a mobile/text backup would be handy for when web access is down (provided mobile number is provided at signup) you can text say a 13xxxx number and your vital info (username, password, pop & smtp etc) are texted back to you...?? Vodafone have a similar setup, you send a blank text to a particular number and it texts back your balance. Very handy...
I think that's a great idea! More to that, why not have network statis available by phone. So if someone can't use the already excellent email or ticket system due to no sync, they would normally call to lodge a fault, why not have an option in the phone menu which has a recorded message which gives basic details of any known outages in a network or exchange that could be accessable 24/7. It would mean that outside of business hours, a client could know if the problem is localised to just them.

Also, I've seen around these forums of a reseller offering a free, but limited dialup service for wanting to check Exetel's statis etc. Is it possible for Exetel themselves to supply a communal dialup account? It could give say 30 minutes of use, but it would only need to grant access to webpages within the Exetel domain. It would only need one username and password rather than one per customer.

When a users account has been disabled, it's supposed still grant access to the Exetel domain, but recently my account was disabled and I couldn't even get to the Exetel domain, so it seems that there is a problem there. Had it worked, I wouldn't have lodged a phone fault (which no bothered to contact me about). I understand that technology doesn't always work as intended, but maybe if some the ideas above were implemented I would've been able to tell that it was an authorization/account fault and cleared it up sooner, instead of take 72 hours.

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Post by satyr » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:17 pm

Exetel's Help / support for earlier plans might be adequate but for naked (non-phone) accounts is woeful.

For starters we don't have landlines. Only mobiles and voip.

So calling a Sydney landline from a Melbourne VOIP is actually cheaper for me than to call a 1300 number. Of course, if my connection is completely down I would prefer to call an 1800 number with my mobile.

Another frustrating problem with the 1300 number is that it has a recorded system which asks for user account/number, but when this is entered using a VOIP system some keypresses are recorded as having been pressed twice, instead of the once. That is, after 3 calls and 3 attempts I could not get passed the recorded message and gave up. This is a common problem with recorded systems not meshing well with VOIP calls. Banks and government may be slow accommodating VOIP calls to their recorded systems, but an ISP that provides VOIP, sells non-phone services, should at least provide alternative work-arounds to this issue.

Make a human contact number available to existing customers, so that they don't have to go through the unworkable frustrating recorded system.

Re forum help:

As customers with problems will naturally frustrated and have grievances, they may be struggling with an attitude. And though I can understand Exetel staff working in such circumstances being the brunt of the abuse from ignorant customers, and the frustration of such staff working with an ISP that is cutting corners to make their service profitable. But this is no reason for the forum admin's to respond with snide and condescension just because they cannot help the customers.

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Post by CLoSeR » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:27 pm

satyr wrote:But this is no reason for the forum admin's to respond with snide and condescension just because they cannot help the customers.
Examples please?
Need to log a fault ticket? Go here:

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Post by petestrash » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:32 pm

James D wrote:There is already a 1300 number, it has been listed on the site for over 6 months.

Phone (National): 1300 788 141
Perhaps you should also advise Telstra that you now have a 1300 number, last week I had a no authorisation issue with Exetel so no internet.

Called Directory assistance and specifically asked for a 1300 number and was told that you do not have one.

In a similar vain notifying your customers by email of such an improvement would be nice. In this case you could have just emailed the customers outside of Sydney, I'm sure it would have been appreciated.

The other night (11/4) had heaps of issues with pages not resolving. At least this time I still had some acess to Exetel.

Looked at the graphs mentioned in user facilities for "Traffic To/From All Other ADSL1 Users Via Optus" (since I'm in WA), it showed that the Optus link had dropped from 20MBS to around 10MBS at 10:30pm. From there I had to troll through the forums to try and find what issues there were and if they effect me.

It took ages to find that there was a current fault Which also effected WA users on the forum. I first looked in ADSL1 Connection/Service Issues, Which is where I would expect to find problems, and (at the time) there was nothing obvious. I finally found it in "Planned/Unplanned Maintenance - Exetel", I really don't think this the obvious place to look for a fault.

One thing I hate is having to trawl through all the crud and Me Too's on the forums to find something that may actually be useful.

I Would like to see this addressed in 3 ways.

1. Make faults available in User facilities where only Exetel content is shown.
2. Force all Exetel staff accounts on the forum to use a coloured nickname, and/or all use the same Exetel avatar so the more meaningful posts are easily seen when scrolling though crud.
3. For people who have no connection at all, the phone system should be able to read out known faults by service and state so users know if you are aware of the fault and offer an eta if available.

A couple of other suggestions:
1. Please install a spellcheck module on the forums.
2. Please show text of forum replies in the notification email (already requested in another thread).
3.Please install an undo module for forum post editing
4.I also agree with others, flash homepage sux and is a waste of time. Please remove it.


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Exetel service improvements

Post by officer739 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:40 pm

I do agree with many of the posts here. I would like to add that a comprehensive understanding of all facets of computer technology is beyond the amount of time that we might afford to ingest. It’s this one byte at a time approach that impresses me about Exetel. They seem to understand that if I don’t need to know something, then they do become tight lipped, this might have appeared a bit gruff and may even seem irreverent however the amelioration that followed is logical, consise, and timley. If Exetel think they are world class, Why shouldn't they. I appreciate how the service has been unrolled and delivered over the past few years. It appears to be Quality management systems (iso 200*)

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Post by 3lusiv3 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:59 pm

I think any business that is serious about their customers should have a 1800 number. Unfortunately not enough businesses seem to care about their customers enough.

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Post by rav0 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:24 pm

xxx wrote:it should be a 1300 phone number.

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