Practical alternatives for managing off-peak and congestion

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Re: Practical alternatives for managing off-peak and congestion

Post by terrox » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:27 am

These are my ideas.

#1: Limit the amount of open connections (download threads) per user during Peak time, or close connections faster. It isn't fair that anyone can clog up the system by opening a lot of connections during Peak time, regular users and gamers generally wont be affected by this but they will benefit.
#2: Limit the overal max attainable speed per user. It isn't fair that someone close to an exchange can effectively count as ten ADSL1 1500Kbps users and the heavy users can still clog up the system just by adding more downloads at "depriopritised" speeds ( I do this to test it out and it is true ). NOT limiting users who sync below X speed - and X gets lower as needed, so maybe the speed limit would start at 18Mbps and go down to 12Mbps or 8Mbps as the traffic goes up. We all pay the same for ADSL2, so we should not get extra privilages during Peak congestion times, we should share the network and responsibility.

Using both of these at the same time would give a good average speed to most users, some people wouldn't be able to download 20 files at once (boo hoo) and the high sync users wouldn't be able to saturate the connection during peak time.

The network would be "relatively" freed up and users would have to choose what was most important to download - a few things at a time but faster, instead of just everything at once but slower.

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