old Z/20NOTEL plan vs new ONA plan

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old Z/20NOTEL plan vs new ONA plan

Post by TheBenjiManCan » Fri May 21, 2010 10:08 am

I don't download much so don't need a big plan.
2 weeks ago I applied to xfer from ADSL1 to ADSL2 (naked) with the aim of saving some $$$....Z/20NOTEL the obvious choice for my situation ... given the plans available 2x weeks ago !

No more than a few days later, these new *cheaper* 'ON' plans come along......but I'd already applied.

My service was finally established yesterday, but to my annoyance, I am now paying $45/month for Z/20NOTEL, when I could be paying $40/month for ONA

What benefit (if any) does the old Z/20NOTEL plan off over ONA ? And is it worth the extra $5/month ?
Would I have a case requesting Exetel switch me over to 'ONA' without having to pay the $10 transfer ? Contractually, I signed up for Z/20NOTEL, so no. But perhaps a goodwill gesture ?
Should I somehow have known these new plans were coming, and I was just too hasty ... and should have waited. But honestly, with all the plan change emails flying around of late, it was hard to follow.

One thing in my favour ... my service details show there is 'No contract period', so I'm not locked into Z/20NOTEL and can switch to ONA anytime (for $10). Might just have to swallow it.

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Re: old Z/20NOTEL plan vs new ONA plan

Post by Spectator » Fri May 21, 2010 6:51 pm

Look at it this way - you are no worse off than had they not released the new plans.

If you think its a better deal switch to it (you save your $10 in less than 2 months). Regarding your question about whether there are any advantages of the Z plan over ONA, I think it has a longer off peak period - but based on your description of use I doubt it will make any difference to you.

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Re: old Z/20NOTEL plan vs new ONA plan

Post by Poseidon » Fri May 21, 2010 9:02 pm

Agree with Spectator however and most importantly one must recognise the specific advanatges of the old Z plan.
1. Yes, the old Z plan does have a much longer OFF PEAK period (FREE DOWNLOAD period on ONA) which does not affect your monthly download quota.
2. That OFF PEAK period ends at 12 noon instead of 8am giving the member unlimited downloads all morning and that is the big difference!
I'd stick with your Z plan for now because you will eventually find ways to take advantage of its generous UNLIMITED download period.

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