John's Indecision

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John's Indecision

Post by fosfet » Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:01 am

Don't know if this belongs here, but anyhow........

From John's blog:
Any way - if anyone has any brilliant marketing ideas  - please let me know - I don't think I have the kind of imagination that is suited to marketing methodologies.

There are numerous reasons why I use and recommend exetel.

High on the list is the fact that there is no need to decode, carefully scan and get your solicitor to give his view on 10 pages of fine print before a plan can be decided.

When I moved to exetel I was looking for fundamental honesty, and was thinking that I would need to go to a premium priced service (maybe southern cross) to get it.

This was because my then provider (gotalk) was helping themselves to my bank account, shifting amounts out and then back in. They were telling my bank that they were crediting to my telco account, (so my bank staff where assuming I was making an error), and they were telling me that they where crediting my bank account.

People who are too old or not familiar with a basic audit are going to be left out of pocket by nothing less than a full scam. The onus was totally on me to disprove the debt. It took a lot of my time and the intervention of the tio. For a busy person, a premium provider seemed well worth the money.

But exetel does not charge a premium, careful consideration of the human factors in choices with the environment, the people of Sri Lanka are all included.

Your style of company is a long way from the norm. I think subconsciously I have assumed that you (John) must have really big balls. The business is unique, why don't you promote that?

I know the nation's judgement appears very questionable at the moment. I do not think that you should allow this appearance to influence future direction.

All the best, tim

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Re: John's Indecision

Post by mintaro » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:59 pm

I am extremely satisfied with Exetel. Friends with other ISPs are quite jealous of the service and approach this company shows its customers. If only the Adelaide Crows were as good!

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