Questions and a story about Telstra ADSL2+

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Questions and a story about Telstra ADSL2+

Post by kjd » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:47 pm

Hey Everyone,

Last Thursday I made a decision about leaving Exetel for Bigpond. They had the $70 deal for 200gb. Great I thought seeing as Exetel doesn't provide ADSL2+ From Telstra. Telstra's was the only 2+ available for my exchange.
I sign up for two years mind you and thought sad to be leaving exetel have been with them for 5 or 6 years but Exetel can't offer me the service I am finding more and more in need of.

I then found out I have to go to bigpond's site and authorise the rapid transfer.. The first salesperson from BP didn't tell me I needed to do that so I Call up and find out what exactly I need, they give me an order number I fill the auth out.
Later on that afternoon, I get an email from Exe saying hey we have ADSL2+ plans at telstra exchanges. I kicked myself but was going to go with BP anyway.

Get a phone call today: "You haven't agreed to the Rapid Transfer".
Yes I did, oh they gave you the wrong Order number that is going to take another 3-5 days to transfer..
At this point I'm not happy, I did everything in my power for things to go smoothly and they stuffed up twice already. I asked to speak to a supervisor.
The supervisor pretty much says too bad, you still have internet you shouldn't be complaining, oh BTW we are backlogged the rapid transfer will take 2-3 weeks as opposed to 3-5 days.
At this point I was furious, I've always hated Telstra and this gave me more reason's too.
I said but now I will have to pay a bill with Exetel for another month... Too bad was the answer I received.
So I said, I got a letter today saying I have 10 days to cancel. I want to cancel now this is unacceptable. You guys stuffed up now I'm being penalised.
So I cancelled.
Now I have signed up for another 6 month contract with Exetel using Telstra's ADSL2+. So Telstra still kind of win but at least they aren't getting the full amount and I'm not a retail internet customer of theirs.
Screw you Bigpond.

So my questions are now that I'm happily staying with Extel.
Will my uploads be counted towards my new plan (TE-2E)?
Is 3-5 days realistic for it to be changed?
Anything else I should know?

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Re: Questions and a story about Telstra ADSL2+

Post by CoreyPlover » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:21 pm

kjd wrote:Will my uploads be counted towards my new plan (TE-2E)?
Not according to Exetel's pricing page. The table headers specifically say "downloads" and there is a comment in the "For more information on plans please click here" toggle that says uploads are not counted.
kjd wrote:Is 3-5 days realistic for it to be changed?
viewtopic.php?f=24&t=36486&p=280308#p280308 indicates that it should occur overnight, but according to user posts some transfers happen instantaneously, others within 1 day, and others within about 3-5 days if there are any issues.
kjd wrote:Anything else I should know?
The off-peak timings are slightly different from old ADSL1 plans (now 4am to 10am, not 12-12 or 2am to 8am). But otherwise, it should be unchanged from your prior ADSL1 experience, just (hopefully) much faster.
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