thank you to exetel as i leave

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thank you to exetel as i leave

Post by soaper » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:27 pm

i just pushed the buttons to disconnect my ADSL service next month as i move to where i will need to get a telstra cable set up

i feel sadder than i should about leaving what is really simply a pragmatic internet service

it has been provided with efficiency, humour, care and attention to detail for sooooo long that i know i will miss all this.
i will never get the same attention to detail and efficiency anyplace else. ever.
the lack of support for the duhhhhhhh questions was the thing that made me learn more than i would have otherwise .......and that is always a good thing.

john linton was so much part of what we consumers saw as the face of exetel that his loss is also there.
which is weird seeing i didnt know or meet him but simply saw him as someone who one "meets" here and there in life that one can relate to (but not always agree with )..... from a distance. i guess that is what the internet is about, as we all forge connections of all kinds with people all over the world as we share interests and information.

so many staff over the many years have helped me with maddening problems, small tiny things and ongoing hassles.
everyone has been overwhelmingly helpful, with some people going right out of their way to assist.
this sort of attitude comes from the top down so i think that the owners of exetel can be proud of their staff and what they have achieved over the years with the hard work that has gone into this company.
for me the outstanding thing has been the sheer efficiency of the systems . the fact that there is a system and that it works..........tooooo unusual today unfortunately

telstra will NOT be the same.

i thank all staff over the years and especially the Linton family and steve or making the company what it is and for providing the service i have enjoyed at a fabulous price for so long. you will be missed.

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