Stan, Quickflix, Netflix or whatever you want to call it

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Surfn Chick
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Stan, Quickflix, Netflix or whatever you want to call it

Post by Surfn Chick » Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:48 pm

Just wanting to get feedback on any of the above given the new advertising on TV for Stan. I'm sure someone out there in Exetel land has some good handy information to share for someone like me that has never had Foxtel or Austar but this new Stan for $10 a month seems a fair deal. I do use itunes via apple TV for downloading movies.

James D
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Re: Stan, Quickflix, Netflix or whatever you want to call it

Post by James D » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:54 am

I have used all three of them now.

Netflix - Lots of original content, eg orange is the new black, house of cards etc. When the service is officially launched in Australia in march i don't think they will have the whole lineup straight away as i believe they have sold the content to the likes of foxtel etc (normally sold for 12 months exclusive.)

Quickflix - They do have a half decent selection of shows, but they also have "premium" content that you have to pay more for. Lot of old school content, the west wing, Andromeda, and a fair amount of BBC shows. ok line up of older movies, anything newer is a "premium" cost again.

Stan - Starting using it on Sunday, not a lot of comments on it so far, not a bad selection of movies and TV shows that i have been able to see so far. I do not there are alot of people that cant use STAN the app due to it not working on rooted mobile devices and they are limited for the supported devices at launch. I do think they need to backdate some of their content, eg south park only has 3 seasons available etc. But all in all not a bad launch for them.

All of the above are my opinion only. I am sure others will have their own thoughts on them.

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