Outlook Mobile Service Account for OL10

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Outlook Mobile Service Account for OL10

Post by gondy » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:55 am

Hi, wondering if this might be what I'm looking for? Otherwise I have to go to a third part SMS retailer.

I'm trying to configure the Outlook Mobile Service Account (File |Options | Mobile | Calendar Summary Settings...) on OL 2010 to send a summary of my daily schedule to a mobile device. Also from what I read, I can also use another option "Mobile Options" to configure options for mobile messaging" from Outlook 2010.

I've setup i) default mobile number (confirmed), ii) sending email to sms (from regsistered adress). But M$ asks for service provider URL: ??sms.exetel.com.au userid/password. And the server comes back saying "Outlook did not receive a response from the web service because of a problem connecting to the server."

Any advice on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated. Or if it can't be done please let me know.

thanks everyone for the help
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Response from Outlook 2010
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William M
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Re: Outlook Mobile Service Account for OL10

Post by William M » Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:12 pm

Hi gondy,

Unfortunately the Web Service they're referring to different to the Web Service we provide

The link below specifies the Web Services Microsoft refers too for Outlook 2007 which I would assume is the same or similar to 2010.
http://messaging.office.microsoft.com/H ... 12&lc=1033


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