Vic - Incorrect Usage

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Vic - Incorrect Usage

Post by Strat » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:21 pm

Is there an issue with the usage meter at the moment?

I have scheduler setup to start downloading at 2am and stop at 12pm.

My OffPeak is WAY off this month. I've downloaded at least 17gb yet it says I've only downloaded 7.6gb
My Peak is off too. It's saying I've downloaded 3gb in the last couple of days which isn't possible. Heck it says I've downloaded 800MB in the past 6 hours, yet that is impossible with my usage over the past 6 hours.

So basically PEAK is much higher than it should be. OFF PEAK is much lower than it should be.

Could this have something to do with daylight savings? Is there anyway to get this fixed? I'm worried i'm going to go over PEAK usage if this continues. While it's a nice benefit to not have all my off peak counted, I don't really care about off peak and would prefer that my Peak is correct.

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Re: Vic - Incorrect Usage

Post by CoreyPlover » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:22 pm

Daylight savings won't be the cause as Victoria is equivalent to Sydney time.

How long has the discrepancy persisted? There are sometimes bugs the usage reporting that are corrected within a few days but you are welcome to email to have them look into it for you

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