text combined with attachment?

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text combined with attachment?

Post by jasper_ » Tue Feb 19, 2008 8:47 am

If an email is sent without an attachment then the text in the email body is faxed. I find this a useful feature.

I would find it even more useful if the text could be combined with attachments. Often, I find that I would like to fax a document together with a small note explaining what it is. Now I would have to somehow glue my note to the document to be faxed. It would be much easier to just type the note in the email body email, and attach a document.

Is this a feature that would make sense to other people as well? Would exetel consider to implement it?

William M
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Post by William M » Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:12 pm

Hi Jasper,

Although useful, it isn't something I see as feasible. Attachment of notes should be done prior to send the fax through and not when sending through.

The complexity and difficulty lies in the conversion of files.

The current system takes a .pdf, jpg, bmp or email body text etc and converts it into a .pdf format then sends.

The proposed idea, simple and useful as it sounds, requires the current system to take the file transferred, convert the file to an editable format, combine the two contents, convert the file to a .pdf format and then send.

The major problem lies within the conversion to a editable format. Obtaining an application that can be reliably implemented into the fax system to convert all manner of file types, combine the two different file types, as well as still keeping the previous alignment/format of the original document (whichever that maybe) would be difficult if even possible. The only possible method to do perform such a function would be to convert both files to .pdf and then merge both. Though, from my investigation so far there isn't software available to do this automatically or can be implemented to be used automatically.

Thanks Will

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